A Short 2022 Guide to the Top Travel Tips for Visiting California

    California is an excellent destination for traveling enthusiasts and everyone with an adventurous spirit. It’s a diverse and massive state, swarming with fantastic things to see and do. Aside from its amazing people and terrain, California is also the third-largest state in the US with the largest population.

    It’s home to endless stretches of mountains, forests, valleys, beaches, deserts, bustling, crawling-with-life cities. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, California is a real gem that will challenge you in every possible way.

    Although navigating such a varied and massive place may seem complicated, the following tips might just provide all the knowledge and tricks you need to prepare yourself for the next road trip of a lifetime.

    If you’re ready to give in to the wilderness on your uplifting trip, here are some words of wisdom to help you get around.

    Bring sun protection

    California is well-known for its absolute lack of gray days, but don’t let the sun here fool you. Spending long hours under the sun has its own issues, and the best way to avoid any problems is to bring your sun protection.

    Apply sunscreen during daytime and all outdoor activities, and always keep a pair of sunglasses on you. If you plan on spending a day on the beach or in the desert, bring along a hat for extra protection.

    Prepare yourself for a hiking trip

    Before you embark on your adventure to explore the wilderness of the most breathtaking landscapes in California, you should take your time to explore the hiking conditions beforehand. If you come across any advisories while doing your research, don’t ignore them.

    Hiking trails offer different conditions depending on the season, as they vary significantly from season to season. Once you find yourself in the wilderness, chances are that you won’t have cell phone service, as it comes and goes in remote areas. Avoid hiking alone if possible.

    If you still decide to go hiking, stick to the trails, don’t go off wandering, stay alert, know where the nearest urban area is, and pack plenty of drinking water. You should also have relevant contact information, such as campground hotlines and national parks.

    Choose your outdoor activities wisely

    Even though California offers countless things to do and see, it also has quite a few risks – wildfires and earthquakes being among the biggest ones. If you’re building a campfire, practice campfire safety and watch out for area advisories as there are areas where you’ll need a permit to build an open fire.

    Driving conditions can be rough, depending on the area you’re visiting. Coastal and mountain roads are often narrow and winding. We advise you to take those roads slowly. There are many motorcyclists on the road so keep an eye on them too.

    If you’re spending a lot of time in the wilderness, watch out for rattlesnakes and learn how to ward off coyotes and mountain lions.

    Visit off-season

    Visit off-season if you want to avoid paying hefty resort and hotel fees, as well as dealing with crowds everywhere. California has so many fantastic indoor and outdoor activities on offer, but the problem is that many people want to explore all of them.

    Since this leads to massive crowds and waiting lines, visit between the off and peak season, as spring and fall offer many opportunities and are much more affordable than summer. Remember that even though we’re talking about outdoor activities, COVID measures still apply.

    According to Wings Over Camarillo, the organizer of air shows in California, the COVID measures apply to all activities where the participation of crowds takes place: “For your safety and that of others, we are following the COVID guidelines set forth by the Ventura County Health Department.”

    Keep an eye on the latest measures to ensure you don’t miss any activities that might make your trip to California even more memorable.

    Save money with access passes

    Getting an annual National Park Pass is an excellent way to save money and access more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, including wildlife refuges and national parks. Visiting theme parks also offers a few ways to get the most out of each visit.

    Certain theme parks, such as Universal Studios Hollywood, offer priority access to each attraction. You can also get priority access to multiple rides and attractions by purchasing priority passes in several theme parks. If you want to save money while having fun, we recommend purchasing access passes online in advance.


    California is truly a wondrous state with so much to offer to both nature lovers and those who prefer staying indoors during these difficult times. Although the state may not be as cheap as some other US states, there are no taxes on prescription drugs and food.

    Bitcoin owners can also use bitcoin ATMs. There are various ridesharing, taxi, and designated driver services for getting around, including public transit. As long as you follow the COVID regulations while visiting California, you’ll have a great time.

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