A Skiing Holiday with Teenagers

    Skiing Holiday with Teenagers
    Skiing Holiday with Teenagers

    Skiing as a family can be a lot of fun. But, what if the kids are too young for total independence and too old to hang out with you? How do you choose a resort that will cater to your teenagers needs without introducing them to situations they’re not ready for? Many resorts across Europe are beginning to recognise that the enjoyment of their teenage visitors is just as important as the enjoyment of the parents paying the bill. So, if you want resorts to cater for your teens, so you don’t have to, what should you look for?

    Location, Location, Location

    Booking a ski chalet as near the slopes as possible is important because it reduces your teenager’s reliance on you. Their ease of mobility will give them a sense of independence without the need for parents worrying will they get across the road safely, will they get lost en route, etc?

    Also, looking for ski chalets with teen-orientated facilities will keep them amused while you’re out to dinner. Many chalets come with fully-equipped media centres, games consoles and, if you’re looking for luxury, a spa.

    Teen Tuition

    Many resorts now offer skiing and snowboarding tuition for groups of teenagers. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn new skills, try new winter sport disciplines and mix with their peers, some of whom will come from other countries.

    Terrain Parks

    Now, for putting those lessons in to practice! More and more resorts around Europe are building terrain parks for freestyle skiing and snowboarding and if you’re wondering where your son or daughter is, look no further. They’ll be trying out new tricks and discovering that their abilities stretch further than they first thought.

    The majority of resorts recognise safety, so you can expect rules and patrols making sure kids are making the most of the snow without causing trouble or harm.

    Off-Slope Activities

    Once they’ve had lessons, made friends and then cemented their new friendships on the half-pipe, a good choice of alternative activities is key to keeping your teens and their friends amused. Most resorts will offer Tobogganing, ice skating and climbing; although an introductory course to ice climbing and comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended.

    Party Time

    As in the UK, the legal drinking age in Europe is 18. However, some regions take a much more relaxed approach to youth drinking. If you don’t want your teen succumbing to temptation, or peer pressure, look for quieter venues. If you choose to dine at a hotel, most will have games rooms kitted out for teen, or an indoor swimming pool.

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