Adventurous Attractions in Las Vegas

    Known as a thrill seekers dream, Las Vegas is known for its adventure, excitement and entertainment. It is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nevada. This place has so much to offer, still there are many adventurous attractions that is not known to most of the people, take a look at some of it below.

    • Take a plunge from Stratosphere Tower

    2046446812_52dc1225b8Situated at 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard, Stratosphere Tower is one of the popular attractions among adventurists from all over the world. Situated at 350 m above the strip, this three-legged tower is the tallest structure in the western USA. Go to the top of this building through the elevators by wearing the jumpsuit, after going through a quick lesson in safety make yourself ready to take the plunge.

    It will surely be the most awesome experience wherein you are falling 100 storey’s back down to the ground, off course with safe and sound landing. The Sky jump attraction is opened daily, it costs from $110 (£68) each.

    • Zip-lining at bootleg canyon

    Those who are looking forward to the zip-lining experience they should go for the Bootleg Canyon. Situated in the Downtown Las Vegas, this attraction draws many adventurists towards it. To reach this place you have to hop for the pick-up truck ride up the mountain, then a short hike and voila, here we are. Get yourself equipped with the safety paragliding harness and then take off up to 50 mph downhill through zipline. It is surely one of a kind adventure. If the weather permits, the flights lines are open from 7 am to 6 pm daily. Total cost comes around $149 per person, including a shuttle service to and from the Strip.

    • Discover lion habitat at MGM Hotel

    Known as one of a kind adventure activity, visit the MGM Hotel and check out the awe inspiring 30-35 lions that are rotated throughout the day offering the most thrilling experience to visitors. Now you can easily get to know about the king of the jungle so close, people from all ages just love this show. This is one of the premier attractions of this hotel.

    • Diving with sharks at Mandalay Bay

    If you are scared of heights and are comfortable in water, then how about a scuba diving tour with sharks? This is now possible, just take a trip down to the Mandalay Bay. For the dive in the water, you just have to be the certified scuba diver. Here you can also make a choice to dive with seven different species of sharks at the resort’s Shark Reef Aquarium. The total time duration of the diving is around 45 minutes.

    Since Las Vegas has stunning & thrilling animal attractions, zip lining tours, base jumping, surfing and various other adventure activities, no doubt it is a quintessential destination to visit.

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