Angling in Scotland: Three Top Spots

    Angling in Scotland
    Angling in Scotland

    One reason for which Scotland continues to be a popular tourist destination is the wide variety of fish that people its lochs, rivers and coastal regions, as well as the diverse array of fishing sites scattered across the country. Whether it’s trout, salmon or another breed of fish that you’re aiming for, Scotland has basically got it all covered. All you need is a good angling line, lots of patience, and, of course, good fishing skills. Once in Scotland, you’ll be able to enjoy fishing trips and tours on charter boats. Other holiday opportunities will have you spending as little as a single day or as long as an entire week at the fishing locations. There’s a fishing location in the Scottish Highlands for everyone, no matter your fishing styles or accommodation requirements. Find the best places to fish listed below.

    Southwestern Sea Coast
    If you’re thinking of going sea angling in Scotland, know that this usually takes places along the seashore, although you do also have the option to board a stout charter boat and go fishing at large. If you decide to stay put beachside, you can either opt for a white sandy beach or go for a more dramatic and adventurous rocky platform. You’ll need to come prepared with a beachcasting rod around 12 feet long and cast leads weighing around 5 ounces. Popular fishing baits used by tourists and locals alike include lugworms, ragworms, crabs, sandeels and strips of mackerel flesh. Possibly the best area to go sea angling in Scotland is the country’s south-western coast. In summer, visit the Isle-of-Whithorn to reel in huge catches of dogfish, Pollack and wrasse. Also in the region, Loch Ryan will have you reeling in such diverse catches or tope or thornback rays.

    Loch Insh near Aviemore, Speyside
    While you might be looking for a great location to fish, the wife and kids might simply want a fun, leisurely holiday with lots of comfort and distractions to be enjoyed by all. In this case, you might consider Loch Insh, located right at the entrance to the Cairngorns National Park. Go for a day or spend a whole week here – in either case, you will neither get bored, nor will you lack comfort. The location offers sail sports, paddle sports, workshops in raft building, as well as ample fishing opportunities. The little ones can have fun with archery, and this is also a wonderful place for winter sports or team building activities, from biking to dry skiing. Anyone aged six and upward can board the 24-person fishing boat. You’ll receive a rod, tackle, a landing net and lifejackets. There’s plenty of salmon to be caught here, as well as pike, trout and Arctic char. In 1962, Gregor McBain caught a 36 lb salmon here!

    Altnaharra, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands
    Possibly the most scenic fishing location in all of Scotland, Altnaharra will open up vast expanses of water, filled with fish, right before your eyes. The Loch Naver, a 6 mile-long Highland loch, is situated right nearby, and it’s rich in salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout. If you’re lucky enough, you can even reel in a char or a ferrox. If you’re up for a short drive, do visit Loch Hope, just a few minutes away from Altnaharra. It’s one mile across and 6 miles long and it’s basically guaranteed that there is no better place in Scotland for trout fishing. If you’re more of a river fishing person, you’ll find that the hotel boasts private access to a 1 ¾ mile stretch of the River Mudale. The Strathmore, the Naver and the Borgie are also located close enough, for your fishing convenience. You can buy the tackle and equipment, bring your own or rent on location. All in all, nothing beats this location, in terms of amenities and comfort.

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