Avoid mid-life crises by travelling more

    The mid-life crisis isn’t a myth. It’s a real experience that happens to thousands of unfulfilled middle-aged people every year.

    Mid-life crises are mostly caused by regrets. They occur when middle-aged people believe that their life is at least half over and they haven’t achieved loads of the stuff they wanted to.

    Many might feel that they are now too old to ever achieve these goals, especially if they’ve got baggage in the form of a spouse, children or a mortgage.

    The main symptom of a mid-life crisis is a huge change in personality where sufferers suddenly start to become selfish and overwhelmed by the need to achieve these goals.

    How to prevent a mid-life crisis

    For a mid-life crisis, prevention is nearly always better than cure. The best way to prevent regrets about your life is to go and live it right now!

    Believe it or not, the biggest regret that many middle-aged people have is not travelling enough. In a recent poll, more than nine out of ten over-50s named a lack of travelling as one of their top 10 regrets in life. This made it far more common than regrets about career, relationship or health choices.

    So what are you waiting for!? The world is a huge place! Why not go out and see it the wonders of the planet before it’s too late.

    Too old for travelling?

    Anyone who thinks they are too old to travel might not be aware of the options available for their generation.

    Some insurers may not cover people of a certain age, especially if they have a medical condition. However, there are more specialist over 50 insurers who are more than happy to cover elderly and ill people. These specialist over 50 insurers, provide specific age related policies like over 80 travel insurance that are staffed with experts on the various conditions which scare traditional insurers, meaning they are able to accurately assess the risk of customers and offer a more conservative premium.

    There are plenty of holiday companies who offer trips aimed at over 50s too. There are plenty of opportunities for those living alone to meet people with similar interests on an organised holiday. You just need to find them.


    Everyone gains responsibilities when they get older, whether it’s a career, bills or dependent to look after. These responsibilities arguably make a holiday even more important! It can be stressful harbouring all these responsibilities without taking a break to recharge your batteries. Every employee is entitled to a holiday and there are plenty of destinations which people can enjoy with their entire family. No more excuses. Where in the world would you most like to see?

    Rory Cochrane famously said “I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do”. The easiest time to pack your bags and see the world is often straight away, so why not book a holiday now before things pop to make it more difficult.

    Those who experience all the adventures they want whilst they can approach middle age gracefully with no regrets.

    Chris Taylor
    Brand Journalist and Contact Promotion Specialist Chris Taylor loves to travel and routinely visits different countries during the summer months for music festivals. His biggest adventure to-date however was during his gap year in 2004 when he toured Thailand.

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