Best Day Trip Places In Chicago

    ChicagoEven after so many years has passed Chicago still remains on the list of top five places to visit in the United States. It is not difficult to find activitiesthat will keep you busy in this city but at times you may feel that you want to stay away from the city and step out of the metropolis life. Well if that’s the case then read on and find the best day trip places in Chicago.

    1. The Botanic Gardens – Traveling to Chicago in summer or spring then spend your time with your family at the Botanic Gardens and enjoy the classic blooms of exotic plants, do so landscape photography or register for a class of gardening.
    1. Naperville- Naperville is famous for its relaxed and natural environment, for all those fresh vegetables and fruit lovers don’t miss the Farmers markets which are put up on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    1. Saint Charles– Saint Charles is for those who are seeking peace and serenity away from the city life, go on a cruise in a paddlewheel boat along the amazing Fox River.
    1. Kenosha – Take a train to Kenosha and enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Michigan without a lot of people you will surely love this experience.
    1. Warren Dunes State Park – Located 70 miles to the west city its best that you rent a car to visit this place, you can get a good deal from the airport or search online for rent a car companies. The dunes are formed on the shore of Lake Michigan and it gives a different beach experience whereas it also provides a good view of the city skyline.
    1. Round Barn – Round Barn is one the strangest and unique winners for the day trip, its located inside a circular barn and has a winery in it which dates back to19th century. So beer and wine lovers this is a heaven for them.
    1. New Buffalo– New Buffalo has the appeal of New England’s coastal villages. Meaning when you visit this place you will feel like you are in England, the warm beaches with blue waters, the local restaurants serving fresh seafood. Shopping seashell ornaments and handicrafts are pretty common here.
    1. Lake Geneva– Lake Geneva is your perfect choice for getting in touch with nature, going on cycling, hiking, picnic areas and horse riding opportunities.

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