Best places to stay in Kailua Oahu

    Hawaii has long being a very popular tourist destination and although many people seldom get any further than Honolulu there are in fact another extremely popular destination a short distance away. Only 30 minutes’ drive from Honolulu there is the very picturesque seaside town by the name of Kailua Oahu. This town is amazingly popular among its inhabitants and the general opinion of these people is that they are on vacation all year round even though many of them are employed in the big city. They say that they never fail to feel an intense feeling of relieve and a vivid realization of been home again the moment that Kailua Oahu comes into view.


    The very contented inhabitants of Kailua Oahu

    Even though Kailua is a fairly small town with just over 35000 inhabitants the people are so content with their town in so much that a very large percentage of them simply do not feel any need to visit the big city. For most of them once in many years are more than enough and besides those visits to the big city which are far and in between inhabitants of Kailua Oahu simply cannot be bothered with the attractions of the big city. Most of them see themselves as very fortunate to live in Kailua Oahu and feel that everything which they may need could be found in their town.

    The surrounding attractions

    Not so long ago visiting Honolulu required travellers to hike over the Koolau Mountains or for those who chose to go by sea, they had to sail around Makapuu Point all along the island’s eastern shores which sometimes was a treacherous especially in poor weather. Fortunately upgrades to the infrastructure of Hawaii have changed this and today there is a highway which has made the journey safer and shorter. Kailua Oahu remains one of the most picturesque destination in all of Hawaii and more and more tourist are making this exciting discovery every year. Because of its locations and the winds which are blowing along this part of the coast, this has made Kailua Oahu one of the best windsurfing spots in the world.

    Many experts claim Kailua Oahu surf is world’s best

    A well-known windsurfing champion actually grew up in Kailua Oahu and this beach has been named as the best beach in the US not so long ago. This little beach town are wholly self-sufficient and are fully able to provide the visiting tourist with a very rewarding vacation experience. Several hotels and other accommodation are available in Kailua Oahu and most of them provide the visiting tourist which more than sufficient levels of comfort and there are more than enough amenities to ensure that the visitors have more than enough opportunities to relax and unwind.

    Some of the available hotels

    There are more than a dozen highly recommendable hotels around Kailua Oahu that are more than able to provide in the high demand which tourism are placing on this little beach town on the west coast of Hawaii. Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel is one of these which are providing luxurious accommodation with a beautiful view on the nearby hills. Tourists who have stayed over at this establishment, generally use words like; good hotel for the price, spectacular, great location and other similar words of praise, after their stay here. However there are many other excellent accommodations like the Pacific Beach Hotel which are located on the beach and are providing residents with an outstanding view of the ocean and all the beach activities. It has been described as a convenient location, also as a very nice hotel, excellent value for money and a fantastic place to stay.

    Dozens of hotels to choose from

    There is also the Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii which provides residents with an absolutely amazing view over the surrounding area. It is generally mentioned as an excellent establishment from which to launched explorations into the surrounding areas. It has been called a great place by many who have chosen it as their base of operations while in Kailua Oahu while other visitors especially remembered the hospitality. Then there are the Pillows in Paradise Bed & Breakfast a somewhat assuming name for a holiday accommodation but it is ranked relatively high on the list of worthwhile accommodations in this little town. Here too visitors has a superb view of the surrounding area and generally visitors describe their stay as excellent and a true paradise and also as peaceful and pleasant.

    Some more accommodations to consider

    There is also the Royal Garden Waikiki another place of accommodation with a breathtaking view. Visitors here are mostly highly impressed with the service and often declare that is an establishment which they will gladly recommend. It is also a popular honeymoon location and visitors are general very happy with the service provided. There is also The Hula Breeze which is a beautiful establishment if none of the others appeal to you and a great deal of people who enjoyed the hospitality of The Hula Breeze has expressed a desire to return in the future. It has also been described as a wonderful vacation spot.

    The above mentioned establishments represent only a small portion of the available accommodations in Kailua Oahu. There are a lot more available to the visiting tourist and fortunately most of these establishments have webpages where aspiring tourist can research the quality of service which are provided and both the good and bad impressions which has been experienced by visitors to these establishments. The truth is that Kailua Oahu is an amazing place which certainly has a lot to offer to the tourist. There are a lot to do and the surrounding scenery is truly breathtaking and that is why Kailua Oahu should certainly be included in your travel plans for 2015. Kailua Oahu has often been described as paradise on earth and once you set foot on the soil of Kailua Oahu you will quickly see why it is described as such.

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