Car Hire Money Saving Guide

    Step 1: The Details

    Picking the best car hire may seem like a doddle, but when you begin to analyse exactly what you need it becomes apparent there are several key choices a holiday goer has to make.

    Car hire money saving tips
    Car hire money saving tips
    • Automatic or Manual?
      If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the USA it’s good to note that most of the car hire cars are automatic. This could be problematic if you’re used to a manual car. However, the rest of the world, including Europe, will more often than not have manual cars as the default.
    • How many Drivers?
      How many of you intend to drive? Make sure you’re clear on this now so you can check with the car hire company and sort out your insurance. A lot of companies may only allow one driver and changing your mind at the last minute can end up costing you a lot of money.
    • What Size Car?
      Understanding the technical language of car hire dealers can be confusing at best so make sure you research thoroughly so you understand exactly what car you’re getting. An “Economy” is going to be vastly different to a “prestige”!
    • Unlimited Mileage?
      This is especially important if you’re intending on going a long distance. Check with your car hire provider to see if the plan has “unlimited mileage” or you’ll face a large fee on top of your hire cost.
    • Do you need a sat-nav?
      Sat Nav rental from care hire companies can cost a lot.  If you’re able to its best to take your own system but ensure you check your connection costs if you connect via mobile internet.

    Step 2: Find Discounts

    If you’re trying to find a good deal to fund your travels abroad then it is definitely worth searching for discount codes for the company you plan on using.

    • Get a Package
      Generally it’s easy to get a good deal from travel brokers on car hire if you’re also booking a flight, hotel, or both.
    • “Fly drive”
      Holidays to destinations such as Florida offer “fly drive” packages where you can get the flight and car hire packaged together.
    • Get a cashback deal
      If you’ve found the company you want to use to hire a car then do a quick internet search to find out if it’s listed on a specialist cashback site. Doing so can save you money in the long run.
    • Haggle
      If you’re heading out to a country where you happen to speak the language sometimes it’s good to just give them a call and see what discounts you can haggle out of them. This is a great plan if you’re planning on getting an expensive car or planning a long trip. Bigger companies are more likely to offer you upgrade deals if you turn on the charm.

    Step 3: Compare Prices

    There are several specialist sites dedicated to comparing the price of hiring cars abroad. So you really have no choice but to find the cheapest deal!


    Step 4: Grab an Insurance Deal

    When you hire a car you will tend to find that most, if not all, the packages will come with the minimum insurance necessary. This means that the car itself will be covered for minor incidents but the passengers inside will not be protected from injury, theft or fire.  Make sure you check that insurance your provider is providing you with in the basic cost.

    It’s also worth noting down what the excess is on the insurance. If this amount is higher than £500 then you’re going to be paying out a lot of money if anything more excessive then a scratch appears on the car you’re renting.

    Finding an external provider can often give you good cover for a good price. Most car rental companies make their money from the insurance costs they charge customers. Finding an external insurance broker will often give you the better deal.

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