Carrying a Smartphone with You While Travelling

    Going to a vacation or a trip is a good option for anyone when they want to relax and take a break. But it is not very easy for all of us as we need to manage all our work and home on the daily basis. But worry not! Thanks to latest technology such as smartphones which enabled us in getting connected to the world wide web and perform all our daily tasks even on the go and on the vacation.

    smartphone for travellers
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    Carrying a Smartphone while you move on the local roads or to travel around the world has always proved to be very helpful. The Smartphone is designed to work in all the ways as you want it to be, but you have to make some changes in your international data and roaming charges while you travel worldwide, if you are travelling around the country, you can just make national roaming free for a nominal charge and it may depend upon your mobile operator.

    Carrying a Smartphone
    Travelling with Smartphone

    If you would like to take Smartphone for your international travel, initially you are required to decide on what networks your Smartphone works on your destination country. Mobile phone operators operate on one of the two major networks, which is GSM or CDMA. But, if you are using CDMA network, you can have some options, as the number of Smartphone’s  operates on both the GSM and CDMA networks, allows you to take some advantage of both while you travel. Make sure with your wireless provider as they are operating their network services in your visiting destination and their International roaming voice and data plans.

    If you wish to make some advantage with your Smartphone in your international tour, it depends upon your usage of voice and data functions. If you wish to make calls with your Smartphone completely, then you have to disable your data roaming. For doing this, you go to Manage Connections, select the Mobile Network Options, and then you have to select the disable option which is next to the Data Services. Performing this action will keep your Smartphone from dragging data from the wireless network. Yet, this is to be expected less-than-appealing alternative for several users, mostly us depends on our Smartphone for emails and browsing as well as to make calls.

    Carrying Smartphone with You While Travelling
    Carrying Smartphone with You While Travellinglestaylorphoto / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    If you wish to attach to your regular calling plan as you are travelling overseas, you’ll come across roaming charges. To stay away from this, you should contact with your mobile operator to buy an international roaming account. Most of the wireless contributors will allow you to include this utility for a limited period of time and turns on this service immediately. Even with this plan, making calls from certain countries are still expensive, to avoid this type of surprise, you have to check the calling rates for the countries you are travelling.

    There are various mobile coupons and apps for smartphones available for travellers which help them in saving good amount of money while on vacation. Thanks to GPS function and mobile apps with the help of which one can easily save good irrespective of in which area they are.

    Where am I - Travel with GPS Smartphone
    Where am I – Travel with GPS SmartphoneEd Yourdon / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    Generally the mobile operators provide optional international email or data plans. The domestic mobile operators’ offers data plans with these plans you can download a certain amount of data per month; exceeding this limit you can be charged heavily. Some of the mobile operators permit you to track the data usage online. If you’re not able to track your data usage, you have to reduce the usage of browsing which supports photos and videos which may increase your data usage.

    Your Smartphone keeps your work and family closer to you while you are on travel. Getting a right tariff plan for your destination makes good savings and also keeps you connected all the time with your work and family.

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