Cheap Holidays to Dubai Do Exist. Here’s How to Find Them!

    Dubai is one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world, but it is starting to gain a surprising reputation as one of the best holiday destinations to find budget deals. A holiday to Dubai will be a lot of fun in the desert, and it will be even more enjoyable when you save a bundle on it.

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    If you are looking to get the cheapest trip to Dubai possible, then follow these smart tips to save a lot of money on your holiday to Dubai.


    One of the biggest expenses for a trip to Dubai is the airfare. If you can significantly lower the cost of flying to Dubai, it will greatly reduce the overall budget you need for the trip. Make sure to book well ahead of time to get the lowest prices. Shop around the different airlines to find one that is offering a great deal. If you want to find the least expensive flights, then plan to travel on a weekday. If you fly in the middle of the week, your flight will be significantly lower than if you fly on a weekend. You can get quotes on flights to Dubai, as well as hotels in Dubai, on this page. Note that Dubai is the hub of operations for Emirates, who operate daily direct flights from airports all round the world.

    Eat like a Local

    Yes, you can eat any kind of foreign food you wish while you are in Dubai, but it will cost you to do so. If you want to save some money to budget travel in Dubai, then be smart and eat like a local. Dubai’s local cuisine is absolutely delicious, and you can find great deals on cheap food at restaurants the locals tend to go to. Ask some locals what their favourite restaurants are while you are in Dubai (the concierge at your hotel would be a good place to start). If you follow the advice of people that live there, you will get to experience some restaurants that give you a lot of charm and culture for a low price.


    The duty-free shopping is one of the primary attractions in Dubai. You can certainly buy a lot of merchandise on a budget while you are there. If you want to save as much money as possible on your shopping expeditions in Dubai, then stay away from the malls. The malls in Dubai are like malls anywhere else in the world – they have a huge mark-up on their merchandise to cover their higher costs. If you want to shop inexpensively and have fun whilst doing so, then do your shopping at the local markets, known as souks. You can find almost anything you want at these souks. Just be sure to haggle hard to get the best prices when you are shopping at a souk – it’s what the locals do.

    Have Fun!

    When it comes to having fun in Dubai, there are some inexpensive activities that budget travellers can enjoy. One of the best ways to spend an inexpensive day in Dubai is to head to the beach. The beaches in Dubai are beautiful, and taking a dip is a great way to cool off from the desert heat. Remember that temperatures here are regularly higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so you may appreciate the cooling ocean breeze. You may also want to consider heading to one of the local water parks that offer cheap all-day passes that won’t break your budget.

    All-Inclusive Deals

    If you want to get a cheap trip to Dubai without doing any work, then book an all-inclusive holiday package. It will combine your airfare, lodging and meals all into one low price that will take the guesswork out of savings.

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