Clothing Essentials To Pack For A Summer Business Trip – For Men

    Shanghai, Paris, Dubai or Kuala Lumpur… Regardless of where you’ve scheduled your next business trip, there should be some packing to take care of. However, packing at the last moment can haunt you in the end; imagine packing dark colored dress shirts only to find yourself uncomfortable in the scorching heat – won’t be a pretty sight.

    Also, combined with the fact that there are flights to book, presentations to prepare and tabs to keep on hotel bookings, it gets even more challenging to find time for packing the right clothing essentials.

    Nevertheless, planning ahead can ease the process and save you time in the last few days before the trip. Some of the bare minimums to take along include:

    1.  Shoes

    Ideally, you would pack two pair of shoes – one for the meetings and one for roaming around on a casual day. It would be a nice idea to pack some loafers for the social gatherings, while dress shoes with cap toes can work for the meetings.

    And there’s no need to carry a third pair for the hotel, as most of them provide a pair of slippers to the guests (you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for one if they don’t for some reason).

    2.  Accessories

    Only a few accessories are recommended on business travel during summer months. For the events, you can pack subtle, neat-looking ties in different colors, and it is recommended that you take along a red colored tie as they complement most dress shirts and suits.  

    Other accessories should include a hat for outings, and a watch which can be worn both in business sessions and in casual outfits.

    3.  Shirts

    Shirts are going to be important, especially if you’re going to meet clients in casual gatherings. Go with the options that are going to complement the outerwear such as gingham shirts in light material and colors; they can complement the business attire on their own with the dress pants if you need to take off the suit coat in a restaurant.

    Mens polo shirts are also an ideal choice for the summers as they can work in most client meetings and casual outings, but make sure that you select the appropriate style among the variety available. Businessmen should mostly go with simple classic pique styles that don’t feature any prints or designs.

    4.  Pants

    Rayon dress pants are commended for the summer months. They feel quite similar to their cotton counterparts, and the good thing is that the pants don’t have to be washed every time after being used. Also, the rayon material allows it to crease without any hassle.

    As for walking on the streets and spending non-business time on the journey, a couple of denims and knickers would be enough to last for 2-3 weeks.

    5.  Coat

    The only outerwear required for summer business travel is a suit coat; go with an option in a light fabric so that you don’t get uncomfortable from the temperature. Shades of grey, navy and other neutrals are recommended for the colors.

    Additionally, the fabric should also be resistant against wrinkles, as you don’t want to end up looking untidy in front of other parties. 

    The Last Word

    Whenever you travel abroad, it is crucial that you pack the right attire to suit your surroundings and the precise nature of the trip. This is even more important if you are attending a business trip, as the image that you portray must reflect well on the business or brand that you are representing. Balancing the dual needs of comfort and style are difficult enough at the best of times, but this is even more challenging when you re also required to present a professional image. These steps will stand you in good stead, however, and help you to take an array of clothes to suit every aspect of your trip.




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