Coral Reefs and Salty Shipwrecks: Snorkelling Sinai Bay

    The Gulf of Aqaba is one of the most revered diving destinations on the planet.  Ancient mariners traversed this gulf and the nearby Red Sea with the various wares of antiquity to trade from their sea craft and vessels.  Today, divers have the chance to visit the shipwrecks from long ago eras, as well as to explore the phenomenal coral reefs and dynamic seascapes that make this one of the most extraordinary places on earth.

    Resort Life

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    Snorkelling Sinai BayMal B / Foter / CC BY-ND

    When you book a stay at one of the region’s sumptuous resorts, such as the Club Med Sinai Bay resort, you’ll discover both excitement and adventure. You’ll experience the holiday of a lifetime by enjoying the land and sea of this culturally and historically rich region.  You’ll love your seaside accommodation, where every comfort is provided for, and all the adventure is close at hand.  From delicious cuisine to comfortable suites, visitors to the region will be impressed by the myriad of services at such resorts and luxury hotels in the region.

    Dive into the Majestic Gulf of Aqaba

    The amazing Gulf of Aqaba is a diver’s wonderland.  Known for its crystal clear waters and great visibility, the waters of the gulf are rich with tropical marine life.  The dazzling array of fish and coral reefs will entice any diver with their beauty.  The underwater creatures present a stunning biodiversity that attracts researchers and holidaymakers alike.  Diving amidst such marine splendour is an unparalleled experience for any diver, no matter what their level of expertise.

    Diver & Brain Coral (Platygyra daedalea)
    Gulf of AqabaMoon Fish / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    Aside from the reefs and the teeming marine life, there are also many shipwrecks throughout these ancient waters that tell an extraordinary tale of human exploration on the sea.  As a particularly ancient spot, waters of the Gulf were traversed by ancient Egyptians as early as the 2600 B.C. and perhaps, even earlier!  Knowing that pharaohs once ordered fleets across the head of the gulf is an exciting prospect for many divers, who want to experience the thrill of viewing old ships that also made the historic voyage from the port of Thebes to the Sudanese coast, for trade in items like Frankincense and gold.

    Coral on Yolanda Wreck
    Snorkelling Shipwrecksmattk1979 / Foter / CC BY-SA

    There are various diving centres that will facilitate the diving experience for thrill seekers on vacation!  They’ll help you discover the most revered shipwreck and other dive sites the gulf has to offer.  You can customize your diving experience to make it the most memorable of your life!

    Exploring Sinai

    Although the water beckons, remember that the surrounding landscape is also rich with history and culture.  The Sinai region, along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, is truly singular in terms of its geography and legendary past.  Rich with Biblical history, the land is infused with the past.  Today, however, tourists can enjoy discovering for themselves what makes this region so unique and so rewarding to witness.  The drama of the surrounding wilderness with its moon-like appearance and remarkable flora and fauna will attract anyone who has never witnessed such geographic splendour before.  Plan your Sinai diving trip today and enjoy the region’s timeless appeal.

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