Delhi: Street Food Capital of India

    Delhi is the gateway to the delectable Indian street food. When in town you can’t miss a trip down Chandni Chowk. It is the best place to find delicious and mouth-watering superlative Indian delicacies that will make you go wild with joy. The streets are jam packed with halwais (sweet-seller), namkinwallas (sellers of savories) and paranthewallahs (sellers of rich, flaky breads soaked in ghee). Let us peep into the world-renowned foods of Delhi that are sinfully delectable and the ideal places to grab the best low priced hotels of these meals.

    Delhi Street Food
    Delhi Street Food

    The place has been the hang out spot for various celebrities who come to savor hot Aloo, Gobhi or Matar paranthas here. This locality has been serving its frequent and rare customers ever since 1870s. The oldest shop conceivably is Pt Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan, established in 1872. Others like Pandit Devi Dayal’s (1886) and Kanhaiya Lal Durga Prasad’s Parantha Shop (1875) are equally famous. Parantha is a household delicacy made of dough and fried in pure ghee in cast-iron pans. They are served hot with mint chutney, banana-tamarind chutney, vegetable pickle, and aloo subzi. Lentils, fenugreek, radish, carrot, and mixed paranthas are also loved.

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    Ask any Delhiite and this name will pop up as an answer to the best chaat hunts in Delhi. Chaat actually is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread, dahi bhalla, gram, and tangy-salty spices. This blend is decorated with homemade vinegary Indian chilly and saunth (dried ginger and tamarind sauce), coriander leaves and yoghurt. Some of the admired varieties include aloo tikki, and papadi chaat. Discover the gems of Indian tangy flavors in the lanes and by-lanes of the crowded Chandni Chowk and relish its worth thereafter.

    Chandni Chowk
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    Visit this place to immerse in the yummy flavors of Kachori, another street food delicacy relished in this part of the country. Kachori is normally a round flattened ball of fine flour and is filled with pulses like moong dal or urad dal (horse beans). Sometimes the stuffing also contains besan (crushed gram flour), black pepper, red chilli powder etc. to pep up the flavors. Kachori tastes absolutely great when served with hot potato curry.

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    If you are affectionate about sweets then this should be your one stop shop. Situated close to the Fatehpuri Mosque the shop that has now transformed into an ice cream parlor serves out-of-the world Rabdi Faluda. Try new exotic flavors like Litchi or Bubblegum. They also serve an array of milkshakes, fruit shakes, ice cream shakes, and sundaes.

    The long-standing and celebrated jalebiwala awaits you with his scrumptious preparation. Located almost at the entry to Dariba Kalan, this place guarantees you the best of these sweetmeats that just melt in your mouth. Jalebis, sweets made by deep frying batter, and then immersing in syrup taste best when served hot!

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