Discovering Australia off the Beaten Track

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock -everyone knows about these tourist attractions in Australia and they should be on any travellers to-do-list of unmissable Australia experiences.

    However, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, almost as big as the USA, and it offers literally a whole continent full of breathtaking diversity, with seven individual states and territories to explore, adventures and off the beaten track destinations are abundant.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
    Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia Lina-Sydney / Foter / CC BY

    Forget a photo album full of clichés, take a walk on the wild side and discover crocodiles sunbathing on deserted beaches, spend nights sleeping under the stars, in underground homes or with koalas and kangaroos roaming freely around you.

    It is possible to create a unique and unforgettable holiday in Australia and here I am going to suggest three island ideas to inspire you:

    Melbourne and Tasmania

    With ANZCRO you can combine these two truly unique and beautiful destinations in one special trip.

    Tasmania, Australia
    Tasmania, Australia Foter / CC BY-SA

    Melbourne is a labyrinth of hidden streets, luxurious bars, top restaurants and quirky boutiques. It is a culture hub, with delicious international cuisine and an excellent wine scene, you can dance until dawn, watch a sports match or explore the parks and leafy boulevards.

    Tasmania is a pristine island wilderness, with overland tracks to hike and some of the very best fresh produce in Australia to enjoy along the way. You will take in the picturesque Freycinet Peninsula and the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain, while enjoying the rich cultural history of the capital, Hobart, with its convicts, piners, miners and whalers.

    Camping on Fraser Island

    Why not disconnect from the technology dominated world and retreat to nature with a week camping with dingos on Fraser Island. Avoid the main camp sites and instead head for the eastern beaches, which offer more privacy and a sense of adventure.

    Camping on Fraser Island, Australia
    Camping on Fraser Island, Australia lutty moreira / Foter

    If you go to the City Council offices in Hervey Bay before you set off, you can pick up maps and leaflets with walking trails on Fraser Island. These are very under-publicised and offer an excellent alternative way of seeing the beauty of the island, its beaches and lakes.

    Kangaroo Island

    Considered Australia’s Galapagos, Kangaroo Island is situated just off the coast of South Australia. It is rich with wildlife and relatively untouched by humans.

    Kangaroo Island, Australia
    Kangaroo Island, Australia thoughtfactory / Foter / CC BY-NC

    A large proportion of the island is a protected National Park and wilderness area, which is only accessible in 4WD vehicles. It is a place for wildlife and wilderness fans and those who want to relax and unwind. The island is like a natural zoo with seals, birds, dolphins, echidnas and a plethora of kangaroos!

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