Disney Trip for the Food?

    Last week I took my family on a 6 day long vacation to Disney World, in Orlando, FL. Having been twice before with the family, we once again took advantage of the dining plan. We definitely feel it is worth it, as eating at any amusement park, let alone a Disney one, is always very expensive. The first time we went we didn’t know any better and didn’t have many great meals. They were mainly buffets, not horrible, but not fantastic, either. I spent some time reading some Disney blogs and narrowed down the restaurants we wanted to make reservations at (which you MUST do, or you will wait hours for a table). If you are a foodie, I will say that Epcot is going to e the highlight of your trip. Not only can you taste food from different countries, but it is all very tasty, and nothing “weird” really, meaning your kids will probably even enjoy it!

    The best dinner we had was at Tutto Italia, in Epcot’s Italy area. I had short ribs, that came with meatballs (veal/beef combo) and polenta. It was very good. My spouse had the butcher steak that was served atop agrodolce cippolini onions. That was equally as tasty. The kids had alfredo with prosciutto and spaghetti with meatballs. The dessert was fab- our favorite was the pistachio panna cotta. I have been searching the internet for a similar recipe.

    Another gem of Epcot is the Tangeirine Cafe- it is in Morocco, and the food is very similar to greek food. I love the couscous salad, it has golden raisins in it and a slight cinnamon flavor, I mix it with the tabbouleh, which is like no other. These two places are a must stop in Epcot. The fish and chips in England are a great snack, as well.

    For something different, make sure to check out the stores in the Japan area, they have strange and wonderful candies and treats that you won’t find anywhere! Some are a little different, like bags of tiny dried crabs, that you are supposed to “snack” on- the candy is pretty good, we have tried many different kinds there. If you are lucky, you can watch a Japanese candy artist make candy sculptures out of rice starch. It is a very interesting exhibit, and she hands out the candy to kids in the audience.

    IMG_1094Another favorite at Magic Kingdom is always the Dole Whip- either in float form or just by itself. It is a small stand in Adventureland, near the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. They serve soft serve ice cream that is pineapple, orange or vanilla and you can swirl any of them together. If you get a float, it is pineapple juice with the ice cream on top. I prefer all pineapple, we tried the pineapple float with orange/pineapple swirl ice cream and it was not the same! There is always a long line at this stand, as everyone enjoys these. You can also get coke or any soda they serve in a float, if the kids don’t like pineapple.

    A fun and decent place to eat at is Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Fort Wilderness Resort. The resort lodge is a cool place to hang out, and the restaurant serves everything family style- mainly BBQ type foods. They do fun things that the kids will enjoy, like “pony rides” which are wooden horse sticks the kids can ride around the restaurant with. Make sure to ask for ketchup if you dine there, you will be in for a surprise!!

    One of the best things about dining in Disney World is the service. You always get great service, and they usually throw in some fun things, goof around with the kids, etc. When we plan a trip to Disney, we always find ourselves spending more time planning and talking about what we will eat when we go! If you are going to spend the money, you may as well enjoy the food you are paying for- and believe it or not, Disney has some pretty good food if you know where to look!

    Jason Hall
    Jason Hall is blogger and Brand Manager for Budget Car Hire. He enjoys writing about travel destinations and tips, especially in Australia.

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