Dream Vacations: Ways to Choose the Perfect Accommodation

    Congratulations!  Your family looks upon you with glowing faces these days due to the impending family vacation you booked.  To make them especially delighted, you rented a villa; there is no second-rate accommodation for your family. Rather than spend downtime in a stuffy hotel room, you’ll be staying in a villa, your home away from home.

    Perfect Accommodation

    However, this is not your first venture into the unknown of family vacations.  You realize that sometimes things aren’t as they seem (in the brochures), therefore, due diligence is necessary.  But what should you consider when searching for the perfect accommodations, villa or otherwise?


    Villas are the ‘penthouse suites’ of vacation abode, and can be one of the most expensive options.  However, vacationers pay for what they get, which is an experience akin to lodging in a family home, with the space for one or more families to stay.  On Spanish holidays for example, villas often offer large living spaces, with all of the amenities found in most homes, including fireplaces, fully-stocked kitchens, hot tubs, pools, and more.  Moreover, rather than sharing all afforded accommodations (as in a hotel), villas allow for complete privacy.

    Town House

    Town houses are similar to villas in providing enough comfortable living space for a larger group of people.  In addition to being amongst the natives and away from hotel boulevards, town houses afford vacationers the ability to cook meals in-house rather than spend more money, eating out often.  Also, consider searching for town homes residing ‘off the beaten path,’ offering more peace and tranquility for vacationers.


    Years ago, vacationers had limited choices in terms of accommodation.  These days, many natives own multiple housing units, renting apartments to vacationers for days, weeks and even months, depending on their wishes.  Like villas and town homes, apartments are furnished and stocked with the resources one might find around their home.  Search for apartment openings that are close to the areas you’re most likely going to enjoy.  For instance, is dinner and dancing how you’ll be spending your holiday time?  If so, ensure you rent a downtown apartment.

    Rural Cabins

    Some people vacation to embrace a new ambiance and society.  However, not all vacationers want to ensconce themselves in everything that’s happening around them; some people take vacations to get away from people and the associated noise.  Some just want to relax with a few select family members, away from the din of popular spots.  Searching for a cabin or other rural accommodation is most befitting to those who truly want to enjoy peace and quiet.


    The above options offer an array of associated amenities.  Here are a few, ‘forget-me-nots’ regarding renting your next place:

    –         In a hotel you have to share hot tubs and pools, but not if you rent your own private villa, apartment, or cabin suited with one.

    –         You can’t put a price on privacy, especially if that is your preference.  Remember, settings such as rural cabins and villas will offer vacationers with greater privacy, compared to hotels.

    –         If you’re attracted to the pages of the brochures in which people are drinking and dancing, you’ll likely gravitate to an area’s nightlife.  Ensure accommodations are close by if partying is your preference.  Otherwise, you may have to travel far to and from your place of seclusion.

    Melissa Nash has extensive experience as a travel consultant. Her articles mainly appear on travel blogs where she enjoys sharing her insights.

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