Eating Your Way around the Mediterranean

    eating mediterranean
    eating mediterranean

    One of the best things about going on Mediterranean cruises is the opportunity to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the countries of this region. Mediterranean food is well known throughout the world for its healthy, fresh ingredients and unique flavours. There will be a large variety in the type of local dishes that you will be able to sample when you dine on shore during your cheap Mediterranean cruises, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

    When you arrive in a new port city, and you are going out for a meal, it is hard to know what dish to order where. The follow is a guide to some of the best local foods to try in a few of the most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean.

    When you are in Spain: Try Paella

    Wandering through Spain on your cruise, you might see local restaurants cooking up an enormous dish in a pan several feet wide filled with rice, seafood, and lots of aromatic spices. This is Paella, a traditional Valencian food and a must-try local delicacy while you are in Spain. The name Paella refers to the round, shallow, steel pan that the all-in-one meal is cooked in over an open fire. The fire is fuelled with pine branches and orange, and the sweet smell infuses the paella. It can be prepared with a large variety of ingredients, but always contains rice, vegetables, and some sort of meat. Sharing a huge paella can be a fun and delicious communal meal.

    When you are in Israel, Cyprus, Turkey or North Africa: Try Hummus

    Hummus comes from the Arabic word for chickpeas, and it is a fragrant chickpea dip which is prepared with olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. It can be served with a flat pita bread to scoop it up with, or to accompany falafel, chicken, or fish. This simple but delicious spread has been eaten in this part of the world for millennia. If you think you have tried hummus because you have had the packaged version in your local supermarket, wait until you taste the authentic and fresh hummus on your Mediterranean cruise!

    When you are in Italy: Try Pasta

    Everyone knows that Italian food is delicious, and there are so many amazing Italian dishes that you can enjoy while you are on your Mediterranean cruises. When you stop in Italy, be sure to enjoy as much gelato, pizza and other favourites as you can! However, if there was one type of dish that you simply couldn’t go wrong with in Italy, it is pasta. The Italians have making and preparing pasta down to an art, and you won’t believe how melt-in-your-mouth tasty it can be. Try a hearty and meaty spaghetti Bolognese or a creamy fettuccini Alfredo dish and you won’t be disappointed.

    Of course, there are so many more delicious foods in the Mediterranean region that it would take a lifetime to sample them all. You can’t eat everything in the region on your cheap Mediterranean cruises, but the cuisine is so delicious that no one would blame you for trying!

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