Eight Useful Tips to Booking Disney Vacation Packages

    Are you confused about which Walt Disney World package to choose? Disney World packages are more affordable than you think. Here is my eight useful tips to booking Disney Vacation Packages and also saving money.

    Booking Disney Vacation Packages
    Booking Disney Vacation Packages

    Hope you find them useful

    1. Firstly, know what type of vacation is right for you. If you want to spend all your time at the theme parks then make sure that all the tickets are included in your package, if you rather want to spend your days lounging in the sun or golfing you might want a package that gives discounts to certain activities.

    2. For the best deals and value vacation packages in Walt Disney world directly contact the official Disney representative. You will find deals that weren’t advertised online. They will give you lucrative discounts for every vacation package you choose. Sometimes 50% or more.

    3. To save on dining expense be sure to choose a package with dining plan. You will be able to enjoy dining discounts at various restaurants.

    4. If you plan on saving money then you should probably visit Disney world during its Value season. Value season is the least expensive and least crowded time. You will be able to get a room at a fraction of its original price during peak season.

    5. Southwest Airlines provides big discounts on Walt Disney World Vacation Packages.

    6. If your family consists of eight members or more then consider booking a Vacation Home.

    7. Consider choosing great Orlando Park tickets based on your family’s length of stay. Try to use all the benefits in the time you visit Walt Disney World. Don’t waste your money by upgrading tickets with features you will never use. Schedule some time for rest and relaxation during your trip. Also if you plan on visiting any of the Disney’s water parks
    (which I’m sure you do) be sure to add that option to your tickets, this will save you money.

    8. You should inquire about free upgrade options when checking into Disney World Hotels. You might be able to get a free room or an additional park ticket discounts or dining discounts. There are various possibilities whenever you ask for an upgrade because not only will your privilege increase but you can also be able to enjoy more of the attractions Disney World can offer to you and your family.

    It is not possible to visit all the attractions of Disney World in one vacation , so don’t waste your money on packages that contain a lot of activities- there is no point in paying for it if you are not going to use it. Have fun. We hope you enjoy Walt Disney World and Goodbye

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