Enjoy Memorable Holidays at a Beautiful Malaysian Resort Island

    Malaysia is a beautiful country with fantastic holiday destinations for tourists. The island of Sipadan is one of the best holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. This lovely little island is located off the south coast of Borneo island. It has been designated a national marine park so as to protect the sensitive biodiversity found here. This island is an ideal destination for tourists seeking a holiday in the sun and sand.

    Borneo island sunset
    Borneo island sunset

    Sipadan is absolutely picturesque with sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, clear blue waters and plenty of beautiful corals just off the coast. It is also a top diving destination with amazing scuba diving opportunities. Tourists can get a diving package to Sipadan Island each year for a chance to view the amazing marine life and corals found here.

    The attractions of Sipadan

    Sipadan has for many years been named the world’s top diving destination and among the best holiday spots in Southeast Asia. The waters off this island have some of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystem. Nature enthusiasts will be happy to see plenty of colorful marine life among the beautiful coral reefs. Some of the exciting marine species found here include vast schools of fish such as barracuda, turtles and hammerheads. The corals are often bustling with marine activity, attracting scuba divers from all over the world. Breeding turtles come to the island every year to lay their eggs, making the ecosystem here very fragile.

    Diving Sipadan
    Diving Sipadan

    Most of the great dive sites on this island are quite close to the shore making it convenient for tourists visiting the island. Not all tourists visit Sipadan simply for scuba diving. There are also other exciting things to do. There are lots of great places to visit with very scenic views of the hinterland with its unspoiled terrain. All those who love the beach and adore crystal clear sea waters will definitely love this island. It is a paradise for nature lovers and vacationing travelers.

    Early booking is advised

    There are some restrictions imposed by the Malaysian government on Sipadan island. These restrictions have been put in place in order to preserve the sensitive biodiversity found here. For instance, there is no accommodation for tourists to the island. They all have to leave in the evening to find suitable accommodation. There are restrictions to the number of scuba divers with the government limiting the number to 120 per day. It is advisable to book travel to the island pretty early in order to secure a permit to visit the island and get a chance to scuba dive.


    Plenty of other things to do

    Touring Sipadan in Borneo, Malaysia is definitely a great opportunity for nature lovers and scuba divers. This lovely island boasts plenty of additional activities for tourists including hikes in the tropical forests, walks along the beach and even climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in the region. Other places of interest include the orangutan sanctuary and boat rides to the reefs. The picturesque island is full of breathtaking natural scenery that amazes both tourists and locals alike. All these amazing features make Sipadan a top destination for travelers from all over the world.

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