Excessive Speeding in Florida: Will a Good Driving Record Reduce the Ticket?

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    Excessive Speeding in Florida

    Vacationing in Florida is relaxing any time of year, but often it’s tempting to let off a little steam by driving fast and letting the wind blow in your hair. Too fast could be a big problem though.

    What is Super Speeding?

    Many states have enacted specific laws for “Super Speeders.” By definition, a super speeder is someone that exceeds 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Depending on the area in which this offense occurred, the punishment may be as light as a speeding ticket with mandatory court appearance, or as harsh as an arrest. High speeds in a residential area are more apt to carry stricter punishment.

    Florida, at this time, does not have any specific laws for “super speeders,” but this does not mean that they do not take this driving offense seriously. Traffic fines are established by county, as are the arrest policies for driving offenses that exceed 15 miles per hour. In most counties, however, super speeders are looked at as a threat and danger.

    What To Expect If You Are Ticketed for Excessive Speeds

    Assuming that you receive a ticket in a county that is very strict about speed limit enforcement, you can expect to make a court appearance. You will also have four or more points attached to your driver’s license.

    When you are in court, you can expect to receive a fine of up to $500, a possible suspension of your driving privileges, and points against your license. If you are caught speeding in a school zone or construction area, or if your speeding causes an accident, the fine will double to $1,000.

    What If You Have A Clean Driving Record?

    If your driving record is free from previous offenses, it is possible that the Court will see fit to decrease the punishment it imposes for the offense. They will, most likely, still impose the points on your license and require you to attend traffic school.

    One of the best things that you could do in your defense is hire a Florida speeding ticket attorney to represent you before the judge. An attorney will be able to present your case in a manner that will make you look more positive before the Court. Will a perfect driving record enable you to have the charges dropped? There is always that possibility, but as with anything in life, there is no guarantee.

    The Truth About Super Speeding

    There are many reasons that you may feel that you need to drive very fast. Perhaps you are late for a very important meeting, a family member is sick, or you just love the feel of the open road. Whatever the reason, you should be aware that this level of speeding is dangerous.

    Accidents that occur with vehicles that are driving at excessive speeds nearly always result in fatalities. Additionally, those that do survive a high-speed accident usually incur life-long disabilities. These risks are simply not worth arriving at your destination five minutes earlier than if you drove at normal speeds.

    Speeding tickets will increase your car insurance rates, possibly require you to attend driving school or lose your driving privileges, and will put unnecessary wear and tear on your automobile. The possible thrill of driving beyond legal limits is simply not worth the risks it will carry.

    Ann Bailey, a former TV journalist, contributes this warning for visitors and residents who may be tempted to exceed traffic limits by the flat open roads in Florida.  Even a driver with a perfect record will benefit from seeking out a Florida speeding ticket attorney like Orlando’s The Ticket Team if they need help with an excessive speeding charge in the Orange State.

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