Fado Music and Its Influences in Portugal

    Fado music is very popular in many areas of Portugal and the Algarve. It originated around 1830, when it was first noticed in port districts such as Alfama and Bairro Alto. Original performers of Fado music were usually sailors and working class people. The songs were about real life events that these people dealt with on a daily basis. When Fado music was first heard, it spread rapidly throughout Portugal and other parts of the world. Through the years it became a deep rooted tradition in Portugal, and it is still heavily played today by performers at clubs and other venues. Many restaurants even use Fado musicians to create entertainment while serving their guests, to truly embrace the traditional aspects of Portugal.

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    What Is Fado Music?

    Fado music usually comes in two styles. The first style is Lisbon style, which is where one person typically performs the music. The second style is Coimbra, and this style is usually performed by multiple male singers in a group to give the music a dynamic feel. In most cases the music is combined with at least two guitars. The guitars are typically a 6 stringed viola and a 12 stringed Portuguese guitar. The songs are usually about love, pain, sadness or woe. When the music is sung in the Coimbra style, it often has humour and jokes that are incorporated into the lyrics. Depending on the song, the sounds of the music may seem mellow and relaxing. The Coimbra style uses a guitar for more upbeat tunes, to create music that is very light hearted and fun to dance to.

    Where to Find Fado Music?

    If you want to experience the true cultural life and traditions of Portugal, then you should pay a visit to some of the many bars and clubs that have Fado music. In Lisbon, the Sr. Fado de Alfama is a great choice.  The food is absolutely spectacular, and the menu is diverse enough that tourists will find something that will be sure to take their fancy. The Fado performers at this location have known one another for years, and they often ask the diners to come and join them in their performances. This gives tourists a light hearted atmosphere to have fun in, and it will create a truly memorable experience if they decide to join in. Another popular restaurant that plays Fado music is the Senhor Vinho, which is located in the Lapa district of Portugal. You will also find the Atrium Restaurant, located in Algave. This restaurant is set in the old town of Albufeira, and it has quite a bit of history behind its origins. Over 100 years ago, it was constructed as a theatre for the general public. It now serves as a quality restaurant, with regular performances by several Fado musicians in the area.

    Fado Music as the Heart of Portugal

    Fado music is truly the heart of Portugal. It remains to be one of the most traditional forms of music in the area, and many people still perform it today. Portugal is home to many experienced Fado players, so you will always have access to the music anytime you want to hear it played. Fado Music has deep roots in Portugal, and it is highly popular among tourists who want to see Portugal entertainment at its finest.

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