Four States in Three Days

    When you are looking to take the most scenic road trips in the country, it pays to go for road trips in the West. The western states have a lot to offer road trippers. Here is one great trip that you can make that takes in four states in three days.


    Pacific Coast HighwayThis road trip starts in beautiful California. The gorgeous greenery and big cities have a lot to offer drivers. If you want to take the most breathtaking drive imaginable, then take a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. You can start in Los Angeles and drive up to Monterey. Drivers will look out over the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, listen to the car audio blasting and zip through the tight curves of the highway. There is no better drive in the world. Taking a ride along the Pacific Coast Highways is a fantastic way to start a road trip that covers four states in three days.

    Once you get done on the Pacific Coast highway, you head inland from Monterey. This road passes through Yosemite National Park, which is another of the most beautiful spots in the country. Be sure to take a few hours to enjoy a park that many consider to be the greatest in the world.


    Highway 50 in NevadaAfter enjoying Yosemite, drive west towards the border. The road trip stops for the night just over the border in Nevada. The next morning, prepare to drive the “Loneliest Highway in America.” This is Highway 50 in Nevada, where you will be lucky to see more than a handful of cars the whole time you are on it. The landscape is almost otherworldly. It is very barren and harsh. There is no speed limit here, so you can crank up the music on the car audio and put the pedal to the metal.


    Bryce Canyon National ParkIt will take the better part of the morning to cross Nevada on Highway 50. When you cross into Utah, you will switch to Route 12. The scenery will still be barren, but it will also start to become increasingly spectacular. The red rocks of Bryce Canyon National Park will amaze drivers. After leaving Bryce Canyon National Park, Route 12 cuts through Dixie National Forest. Drivers will star to see green trees again, which is a welcome sight after all the rocks and emptiness of the day.


    Rocky MountainAfter stopping for the night, the final day of the trip finishes the drive though Utah. You will continually rise in elevation as you cross into Colorado, eventually reaching the Continental Divide. This is the endpoint of the road trip, which will take drivers all the way from the sea level of the Pacific Coast to the rooftop of the United States in the Rocky Mountains.

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    1. I was planning for a road trip through scenic routes and I hadn’t made the decision on where to go even after 3 days of planning. As it turns out all I needed to do was to find this page haha~ California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado will make great additions to my collection of scenic photos. It may take me a couple of more days to finish off the trip though, I want to take as many pictures as I can while I’m there.

    2. Pictures are key. It really doesn’t matter where you visit as long as you have fun and have good company. The pictures help document the trip so you can remember it years from now

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