Freighter 2 anointed Airways jet aircraft.

    Today (April 28, 2553) of commercial goods and postal items. Company Thai Airways International. Ltd. (Thailand) held a ceremony to anoint cargo versions of Boeing 777 – 200 LRF of two aircraft, with the prayer Thep courage Assistant dean Wat Trai Mit Wittayaram. Ceremony anointed. And Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand Director participated in a ceremony at the cargo terminal area parking page. Airways. Suvarnabhumi.

    Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand Director-General said that the Commerce Department. Products and Mail. Company Thai Airways International. ‘s. From the air cargo services by air freight (Freighter) version Boeing 777-200 LRF in the path of two aircraft – Bangkok – Frank Frankfurt, two flights a week and Bangkok – Hong Kong – Amsterdam. – Bangkok flights a week, bringing the Boeing 777-200 LRF to provide this service. The contracting Block Space (BSA) and body between THAI. the airline Southern Air (SAI) by Thai Airways. the first airline in Southeast Asia. Service with Boeing 777-200 LRF for the GE90-110B1 engine which is environmentally friendly. Has certified sound. Can provide various services to the airport.

    The misfire limits on noise pollution can all be cargo up to 102 metric tons per trip freight truck can accommodate sheet cargo standards up to 37 sheets and storage products that are not carried on the sheet / Cabinet (Bulk Cargo). 17 cubic meters a door to get your order. On the main floor with large trucks. Product support large special. Also suitable for the transportation to special care such as transport livestock. And hazardous products very well. Especially Fresh fruit, vegetable products, flowers and IT products such as computer parts, Heart Disc.

    Air Cargo Boeing 777-200 LRF can meet the needs of the growing market of global economic recovery.
    In shipments from Thailand And the Asia – Pacific Go to Europe effectively. And more space for freight. To customers of Thai cargo more than in the cargo area. Underwater plane passenger The Thai cargo customers. Channel to transport easily and quickly.

    Department of Commercial Products and International. Expected to serve with Boeing 777-200LRF 2 aircraft will be able to monetize the service shipments of the year 2553 increased to 24,120 million baht, an increase of approximately 31% and the rate of freight (Freight Load Factor) 53.6. % The results from the use of cargo Boeing 777-200 LRF 2 aircraft will provide guidance in planning cargo. To increase the spatial area with a BSA in the future to meet the transportation needs of clients more effectively. And deliver the best service to our customers. The covenant of THAI Cargo "Always deliver the best".

    Addition, commercial products and postal services are open to Cold Storage Service official. To provide special Care products to control the cold throughout the shipping process (Cool Chain) Cold Storage, which is part of Center Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Products (Perishable Center) building ship goods Airways. Free Zone. Suvarnabhumi Airport. To establish control room temperature Area of 500 square meters in the cold room with three large temperature changes by category and type of goods between two and 15 degrees to provide preparation and transportation of agricultural products is different. By management. And technology. Used in the treatment of cooling products.

    Constant throughout the transportation process to the destination. To ensure that goods will be taken care of as well. Constant freshness and quality. Ages sold in stores longer destination. Reduce the cost of damage to goods which may be caused by temperature abuse. To create confidence for consumers. Allows fresh Thai products to consumers around the world have increased. Reduce packaging made of foam, all of which are beneficial to our economy. Help protect the environment and the world at large as well.

    The user can contact us for more information. And check the flight schedules at
    Theerasin Saengrungsri.
    Manager, Domestic Public Relations Department.
    Corporate Communications.
    Thai Airways International Public Company Limited.
    89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.
    Tel.66 (0) 2545-2653 Fax: 66 (0) 2545-3891.

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