Great Destinations for Family Camping in Australia

    Thinking about packing up the tent, a few lanterns and the kids sleeping bags for an exciting outdoor camping adventure? Few activities provide a family with more fun, quality time and opportunities for bonding than camping, and no place on earth serves it up better than Australia! There is literally something for everyone and more!

    Oxley Wild Rivers NPpierre pouliquin / Foter / CC BY-NC

    1. For the best biking trails: Victorian Rail Trails, Victoria. Packing the bikes up for a family camping adventure means endless trails of beauty and a whole lot of beneficial exercise! Victorian Rail Trails has no less than 45 avenues for biking, including one with a stunning view of the Melbourne skyline. Biking right beside the Goulburn River or down the scenic Trawool Valley will be an amazing adventure for everyone in the family. Campsites are scattered about these magnificent trails, so pre-planning is definitely called for.

    2. Calling all off-road enthusiasts: Gulf Region, Northern territory. For the rugged and thrill-seeking family, a ride through some of the most remote and wild spots in Australia is sure to satisfy. Sometimes barren and desert-like, other times dotted with gorges, rivers and even spots for swimming, the Gulf Region is straight out of a Hollywood movie! Camping here is for the totally self-reliant, so have everything vital on hand, including a good map to help avoid places that may offer too much excitement!

    3. Strap the kayak or canoe to the roof: Oxley Wild Rivers NP, New South Wales. For a fun filled few days on the water, pack up the canoe and head to the Wild Rivers. Stop and see the highest waterfall in NSW, Wollomombi! Enjoying a ride down the Macleay River will surely provide everyone with exhilarating and unforgettable memories. The grounds provide quite a few amenities for campers, but venturing off means stocking up on your own supplies. Include the fishing pole for any enthusiasts in the family as Oxley has a number of great spots!

    4. For adventures in history: The Grampians NP, Victoria. With over 30 trails leading to amazing sights such as waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art, the Grampians are sure to please every member of the family. The rich history of Australia is forever etched into unique scenes that both teach and inspire. The Melbourne Parliament House can trace its routes to the freestone rocks from Heatherlie Quarry here. This site has plenty of parking and all necessities except drinking water.

    5. Enjoy picturesque family walks: Hinchinbrook Island NP, Queensland. Any family can enjoy touring the scenic trails on foot, taking in the magnificent views of water and wilderness. Hinchinbrook Island has four trails to choose from, varying in length and level of difficulty. Be sure and pack all of your own necessities when visiting this island, like plenty of water and your own stove. Open fires are not allowed and the campsites are geared toward total self-sufficiency.

    Camping is such quality family time; everyone should make the effort to get out and enjoy sleeping under the stars and nestling with nature at least once a year. With the vast selection of waterfalls, beach front, breathtaking summits, wetlands, woodlands and more, Australia truly has it all and is sure to please each and every camper.

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