Guide on How to Make a Choice of the Hotel – Plan Your Perfect Place of Stay

    The new techniques and technologies that have evolved though have made the life easy to live at the same time it has also contributed towards making life strenuous owing to the fast pace of the world and its people. Hence it is very essential that one takes a break from such stress accumulating processes for some time. It is required that one spends some time in leisure and at the same time gets a homely atmosphere. This is the purpose, or in other words the motto of the hotel industry.

    Choice of the Hotel
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    One may choose to stay in a hotel for various reasons it could be on a tour for pleasure and leisure, it could be on some official visit or any other reason for that matter. There is a change of requirements of the customers from the hotel that they choose to reside, in both the above mentioned cases. Hence a hotel needs to meet the basic requirements that may arise in such different scenarios.

    Let us see some of the important parameters that can guide people to choose a good hotel:

    • Lodging and place of stay

    • Rooms as per the requirements

    • Food and catering

    • Facilities provided to the customer

    • Room Tariff

    • Cleanliness and service

    Now analyzing each parameter individually:

    Lodging and place of stay

    The first and foremost parameter that needs to be checked is the location of the hotel. It would be convenient and more opted for if it closer by to the bus or rail stations. In case it is near the airport it has a better chance to welcome customers. Another key matter of concern regarding this is the surroundings of the hotel location. It should be decent and the air around should contain vibes of pleasant atmosphere. They can also be chosen based on the room and tariff looked for by the customer which is discussed under the next subhead.

    Rooms as per requirements of the customer

    Second, are the rooms and the other requirements of the customers. The rooms are generally classified based on the quality of the service offered and the tariff of the room combined. Based on this they are classified into Luxury, semi luxury, suites, cottages etc. They are also dependent on the number of persons who will be staying and the privacy that is expected.

    Food and Catering

    Another key parameter that can help one find the solution to the question, How to find a perfect place to stay? It is very much essential that the food provided be good and tasty. It also requires it to be hygienic. This means that the menu of the hotel plays a major role in attracting customers.

    Facilities provided to the customers

    Next, comes the facilities that are offered to the customer. The various facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar and restaurant, recreational area, 24 hours security, television and phone in the room, water facilities in the washroom and also the availability of internet connectivity adds to the easy choice making. Another important segment that is a part of the same category is the cleanliness and room service offered

    Room Service

    This also plays a major role in adding the customer roll in the registers of the hotels. Quick response mechanism is a quality that is liked and preferred by most of the guests. The employees of the room service department must be dedicated, soft spoken and helpful in nature and always ready to assist the customer.

    Lastly coming to the most important parameter that is the budget

    Budget or Room Tariff

    As discussed earlier room tariff is very essential guide for the customer to make a choice on the hotel. The cheap prices on hotels along with the facilities offered as a combination are something that most of the people look for when choosing the hotels. So it is important that the rates of the hotels be planned so as to accommodate the interests of the common man on the factor of affordability.

    By following the above given guide and tips one can make a perfect planning for his/her place of stay.

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