High Ranking Charter Holidays

    Charter holidays are also referred to as package holidays or package tours, which are vacations that include accommodations and transportation for an agreed upon price. This type of trip is sold by a tour operator and in the majority of cases includes optional services such as rental car, excursions, meals, and activities. Keep in mind that the type of included and optional transportation typically varies depending on the destination. For instance, if going to a tropical place, part of the transportation offered or available would be charter flights to reach the different islands.

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    The way that charter vacations work is that a tour operator is responsible for organizing the trip. However, an individual would not purchase the trip through the operator but through a travel agent. In some instances, the agent would be an independent third party whereas other times, this individual actually works as an employee of the tour operator.

    To ensure a holiday is not only everything advertised but also expected, it would be necessary to research several travel agents to find one with experience in booking trips to the destination of choice. That way, highly regarded tour operators could be suggested, making it possible to enjoy a fabulous trip void of complications or mistakes. The agent selected would assist in all the details of the trip but also be available to answer questions or provide assistance whenever needed.

    Organized Tour Opportunities

    Although to some people charter holidays or as we call them in Denmark charterferie, are something relatively new, the truth is they date back to 1841 when a train was chartered by Thomas Cook who would become one of the most successful travel agents in history. By the mid-1950s, trips to Switzerland, Italy, and Spain, as well as a few other destinations, were promoted through Cook’s agencies as “foreign holidays”. Although post WWII prices were extremely high, this type of arrangement became popular and served as a foundation for the modern day charter holiday.

    However, shortly after this time, another travel company was launched by Vladimir Raitz and his partner, which was responsible for the creation of the first package holidays in mass numbers. In addition to people having more options for places to visit the prices were lower because of a greater number of people traveling. From that time forward, even more opportunities became available. However, it was a change from 2004 that made one of the biggest impacts when consumers had the ability to customize trips.

    Today, holidays such as this are truly incredible. There are trips that can be organized for places all over the world and while some destinations are more expensive than others, overall these all-inclusive vacations are a cost efficient means of getting away to have fun but without spending a fortune.

    Popular Destinations

    As mentioned before, charter holidays can be organized for trips to destinations throughout the world. Because there are endless possibilities, honeymooners can enjoy one type of experience while parents with small children could choose something entirely different. For the sake of example, we listed some of the destinations that tend to be extremely popular for travelers today.


    • Spain – This has always been a popular place to visit and for good reason. Two islands in particular that attract travelers include Ibiza and Mallorca, which are simply beautiful. For someone who loves the outdoors, Catalonia is a great option, which features amazing beaches. Another excellent beach location in Spain is Costa de la Luz, well worth visiting.


    • France – While many European countries are chosen for charter holidays, this is one that ranks high. Throughout France are different types of holidays to meet the needs and desires of travelers. For instance, there are holidays for golfing, cycling, fishing, and even cooking.


    • Great Britain – The United Kingdom is also a wonderful choice for couples and families. Throughout this part of the world a person could choose from a long list of destinations but Cornwall, Yorkshire Dales, Scotland, Dorset, and Devon should be considered. One of the main attractions of visiting Great Britain is the vast selection of accommodations that include small log cabins, lighthouse cottages, luxury tents, and five-star resorts.


    • Greece – Without doubt, Greece is a great place for couples to escape to, especially those on a honeymoon. While Lakitira Beach is active and a great choice for watersports, Paxos is more laid back and relaxing.


    • United States – Charter holidays to the US are also popular with hundreds upon hundreds of places to visit. A romantic and charming getaway might include New England, especially during the fall season when the leaves turn bright orange, red, and yellow, California in the summer to visit beaches or vineyards, or New York, the heart of the country for amazing shopping, dining, and visit to the now historical site of Ground Zero.

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