How to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders While on Summer Vacation

    Heading away on vacation is a great feeling and you are full of anticipation and excitement about the fun in the sun that you are going to have while you are away.

    Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer Vacation
    Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer VacationRookuzz (crashed computer) / Foter / CC BY-SA

    The worst case scenario is to return from having a great time away only to discover that you have been burgled, so here are some ideas on how to keep your home safe from intruders while you are away.

    That lived in look

    Most burglars are opportunists and they want the chance to earn a quick buck without trying too hard, so they are always on the lookout for a home that looks vulnerable and doesn’t appear to have anyone at home.

    One of the simplest ways of protecting your home while you are away is to take steps to ensure that it looks like someone is in even when they are not.


    Consider getting some timers fitted around the house for your lights and even perhaps a radio, so that the lights come on around the home at various intervals and there is some sound coming from the radio, which suggests that someone is in and listening to it.

    Drapes and blinds

    A lot of homeowners make the mistake of closing their drapes or pulling down the blinds in order to stop someone looking in while they are away. Unfortunately this is easily spotted by a burglar and is a clear signal that the house is not occupied, so consider leaving your windows as they are, but perhaps take certain objects away from view if someone does happen to look in.

    Mow the lawn

    You may have a lot of jobs to get through ready for your vacation but remember that the grass grows very quickly during the summer months, so an overgrown lawn is another sign that the owners are away. Tidy up the garden before you go and cut back any hedges so that you keep that lived in look from the outside too.

    Cancel deliveries

    Make sure that you cancel any regular deliveries so that parcels or supplies don’t stack up on the porch, making it very obvious that you are away on vacation. If you get on well with your neighbor, you may want to ask them to keep an eye out and take in any items that arrive while you are gone.

    Alarm system

    All of the measures already mentioned will go a long way to keeping your home safe from intruders while you are away but for greater peace of mind, you may want to consider installing an alarm system in your home.

    A monitored alarm system from a company such as Home Security 911 can help keep your property and possessions safe 24 hours a day and especially when you are on vacation. Once you have had your security requirements assessed and the system has been installed to monitor the threat of burglary and also fire, you can sign up to a monthly fee which pay for the security company to constantly watch over your property and raise them alarm on your behalf if there is a problem.

    An alarm system, especially one that is monitored remotely is well worth considering for greater peace of mind and protection and particularly useful for when you are away, so that you don’t return home to find that disaster has struck in your absence.

    Follow some of these simple steps and consider installing an alarm system, so that you can keep your home safe from intruders and other dangers while on summer vacation.

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