How to look good while travelling

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    Arranging a spa visit can be difficult and costly when you’re travelling so it’s important to pack everything you need to keep you looking your best for the journey. All that travelling about can take its toll on your looks so follow these simple steps from the wandering albatross to stay looking beautiful and fresh throughout your whole journey.

    Don’t forget your toothbrush

    A toothbrush and toothpaste are item number 1 on the packing list. Instead of trying to remember to pick yours up from the bathroom buy a folding brush and mini toothpaste which is usually enough for a month. Throw one into your hand luggage to use at the airport and always remember toothpaste. Coffee and travel sweets on overnight coach trips can leave your breath less than desirable to your fellow travellers, so make good use of re-fuelling and comfort stops to give your teeth a refreshing brush. In case of emergencies be sure to carry a small tin of mints.

    Pack moisturiser

    Moisturising if you friend. Air conditioning on planes and in your hotel room can leave skin feeling dry which will make it look older- ouch, nobody wants that.  Try to pack a small tub of multipurpose moisturiser in your hand luggage, that way you’ll be able to moisture all of the areas that need the attention. You can only take 100ml containers into the cabin, but this will be more than enough to keep your skin beautifully hydrated.

    Pack a sleeping mask

    A sleeping mask will allow you to get 40 winks no matter what time of the day it is when you land, after all you want to get over your jetlag as quickly as possible. Beware of the top bunk on overnight trains, light can stream through from the light fitting and window straight to your eyelids, but it won’t be a problem if you have your mask at hand. They‘re particularly handy if your camping, dawn can be annoyingly early in the summer and you’ll know about it if you forgot to don the mask before getting your beauty sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors to looking as fresh as a daisy the next day, so be sure to pick up one of these next time you pass the travel accessories aisle.

    Spritz your face

    There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and stuffy, so try spritzing your face using a water spray from time to time.  You can either buy a facial spritzer from a beauty store or use water to revitalise your skin and make you feel fresher.

    Take a hair brush and hair band

    There is nothing worse than a birds nest of matted hair when you arrive at your destination. Pack a small travel brush to gently smooth out the knots. A brush made with natural boar bristles will add shine to your hair and tame the fly away caused by static. Armed with a hair band you’ll be able create a chic ponytail, topknot or fishtail plait, but it can also be used to keep bothersome hair away from your face.

    Smell sweet, take perfume

    It can be easy to get a bit smelly while travelling with all that ducking and diving and queuing and lugging bags about, so don’t forget to pack wet wipes, deodorant or perfume. Some cosmetics companies sell solid perfume blocks which are perfect for your hand luggage so you won’t have to worry about carrying liquids through security and risk your favourite fragrance from being confiscated.

    Stay beautiful while travelling and look fabulous in all of your holiday photos.

    I followed these essential steps when I travelled around Peru, you can read more about my Peruvian adventures on my blog

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