It’s a map that allows you to scratch off where you have travelled

    Unless you have a photographic memory, it will be difficult for you to remember all the places you have traveled before. Now, you can literally erase all these locations with the scratch map. First brought to life by Luckies’ cartographers in 2009, the map comes with eye-catching features making it effective and convenient.

    Beauty in capsulized form

    The scratch off map is designed for the people who like creating memories for themselves by recording memorable moments that they have had around the vast world. If you like to highlight the beauty of the places you have been in, this map has its own share of beauty. The map includes the following features:

    • Terrains
    • Countries
    • Gradients
    • States
    • Islands
    • Cities
    • Capitals

    These are just some of the features that the scratch map offers because there are too many to mention. But one thing is for sure once you get hold of it—you will have the world at the palm of your hand. It will open up endless opportunities for you to choose your next destination.


    Weighing only 8 ounces, the map can be easily moved around from one point to another. Measuring 32.5 x 0 x 23.4 inches, the dimension and size of the map will not cause any worries. It is also packaged as a single pack.

    How to use the map

    Using the map is pretty straightforward. You do not need rocket science to be able to use it. It is a simple tool that lets you monitor memorable moments of your travel. It is also a valuable planning tool for your next destination. It will eliminate the element of surprise on your next tour due to lack of planning.

    One of the main components of the scratch map is a foil layer so you would not have to forget a place as soon as you leave it. With the foil layer, you can scratch off the location with an eraser or finger. As you scratch the place off, full details of the location will be revealed which will only add more excitement to your trip.

     Best Utensils to Use on Your Scratch-off Map

    But don’t let your excitement get the best of you. As you start scratching the map, keep in mind that using the wrong utensil or pressure can potentially scratch the map too deep and remove color. Here are the best choices of utensil for scratching your map.

    Toothpick:  The toothpick is the best utensil to scratch off details of your map as well as its borders. You can easily grab a toothpick at a nearby restaurant.

    Plastic Card: Plastic cards like a gift card or credit card can be used for scratching the corners of the map

    Guitar pick:  This is not only useful for plucking the strings of your guitar but also for scratching off a map. However, not everyone has a guitar pick. But if you do, use it for scratching a map.

    Coin:  Coins are classic and widely popular as a scratching tool. The key is not too scratch too hard. While any coin can be useful, quarters are the most popular.

    Avoid Scratching Too Hard

    The trick to making the tools mentioned above effective is to not to scratch the foil too hard. Doing so will not only damage the foil but also the underlying layer. At first, scratch off lightly and slowly increase the pressure. These maps can be extremely expensive so take your time scratching.

    Rest Your Hand on a Cloth

    Another effective way of scratching off the map is by resting your hand on a soft cloth as you scratch. Dirty or oily hands can damage the colors of the foil layer.

    What Utensils Should Be Avoided

    Sharp and metallic utensils are best avoided as they can scratch the foil too deep. Sharp tools like pins, keys, knives, and others should best be avoided. Remember the lifetime of your scratch map will depend on how well you maintain and protect your map.

    Go Slow

    Give yourself enough time to scratch off the map. Go slow when scratching the areas as this may result to scratching off more than your intended section. It is enough to just blow off the shavings or use Kleenex or a paper towel to wipe off the map.

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