Jersey Night Life Done Right

    Many think of New York City as the mecca of some of the hottest spots after dark, but you’ll find New Jersey a top rated destination on its own. In fact, you’ll find a number of fun and exciting things to see and do in the Garden State, from dining and concerts to dancing and romantic strolls along the shore. Safety is key no matter where you are, especially when out enjoying the Jersey nightlife with drinks. 


    Because most visitors want to avoid the high prices that the surrounding cities are typically known for, New Jersey’s night scene is a popular hot spot for foodies. Here you’ll find some of the most mouth-watering and delectable restaurants in the area. From rustic Italian cooking right out of Sicily at Zeppoli’s to a gastronomic library called Blu, you’ll find the area filled with an assortment of eateries. New Jersey is also home to some of the best authentic ethnic food establishments, so you’re bound to find your regional favorites.

    Atlantic City 3154454213_ef62f23caa_n

    Atlantic City is best-known for its casinos, but guests to the city will find the area heating up at night. The Pool at Harrah’s is the ideal spot to soak up some sun during the day. After dark, the area is a non-stop party with dancing, music and celebrities. For those looking for the glitter of Las Vegas, you’ll want to kick your evening off at mur.mur. You won’t find this vibe of nightlife anywhere else, with its signature bottle service, vibrant lights, intimate dance stages and celebrity DJs.

    Bars and Clubs

    It’s business as usual for many of the local bars and clubs in New Jersey with many of the best establishments getting ready for the season ahead. The Broadway Bar and Grill has been an institution to the area for over a century, and the reopening celebrations are filled with food, live music and plenty of memories. Dance and night clubs in the Jersey area offer a variety of musical genres, dancing, pool tables, pole dancing, and large screen televisions. Headliner, Jenks and Kat Man Du are popular clubs for both the locals and visitors. For individuals who are looking to experience some of the best wines in a relaxing and upscale setting, you’ll find Bin 14, Annata and Grand Cru wine bars a great way to spend the evening.

    Locals and tourists alike frequent these establishments, from their homes or offices. The best plan of safety is to ensure there is a designated driver. Always take a cab when there is no designated driver. DWI NJ penalties can range from $250 to $400 fines, 30 days jail time, and attendance of alcohol awareness classes for 12 to 48 hours.

    219722700_9e055844b4_mGames, Concerts, or Theater

    There’s more to New Jersey than bars, restaurants and eateries. Nightlight in the area also consists of sports and concerts. Meadowlands Stadium plays host to a number of sporting events and visitors will enjoy a number of night games throughout the season. The Izod Center is also home to sporting activities, concerts and musical venues for the entire family. Going to the theater is also less costly than the surrounding area, and you’ll find Paper Mill Playhouse and the Community Theater at May Center for the Performing Arts to be a popular cultural scene. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra also holds a number of night time concerts at their downtown venue.

    On any night, visitors to the New Jersey area will find a host of night time activities to suit most any lifestyle. Between the clubs, restaurants, theater and concerts, the caliber of entertainment can match some of the best from the neighboring cities. Always keep in mind that areas with very active nightlife can be the most dangerous where drunk driving is concerned. These areas are usually the ones that have the most strictly enforced DUI laws.

    Savannah Bobo is a blogger, freelance writer, and travel aficionado who enjoys writing about fitness, health, art, and vacation ideas. While everyone wants to think of travel and leisure as a time to relax and have fun, it is important to always keep safety at the forefront of all excursions. New Jersey DWI attorney Evan Levow is prepared to assist you in facing potential DWI NJ penalties.

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