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What you need to know before going on African Safari

Useful tips and ideas to follow when you are on your African Safari. See how you can make the most of your trip.

Going on a Safari is something many want to tick off their bucket list. Because it is an experience like no other. The wildlife, the landscapes and the ultimate outdoor adventure comes all come in an African Safari. If you are planning a safari in anytime soon, here are some very useful tips that you can follow during your travels.

Take a good quality Camera

You want to capture every moment on your Safari. Capturing wildlife in their natural environment is really something else. However, you may not be able to get too close to some of the animals. Therefore, a camera with high resolution qualities and zooming capabilities would be a great option for taking photos from a distance.

Safety and security

You may need to be more aware when it comes to safety in National Parks and local towns in general. It is advisable not to take too much cash around with you. Place all important documents, passports, ATM cards and cash in one pouch or sling bag that will stay with you always. It is also important to move around in groups or always be with a guide. Walking around alone is not advised.


It is wise to carry both cash and a debit card, since National Parks do not accept cash. And Visa fees at immigration are paid by cash. It is best to bring with you the US Dollar. Do not change your money on the streets, always go to a bank. Moreover, ATM machines supply only local currency and it is best not to rely on an ATM during Safari.


Always remember that the game reserves are very dusty, especially in the dry season. Be cautious by wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.  Keep your camera and phone clean by wiping it regularly. A good idea would be to pack a few wet wipes and hand sanitizer, especially useful before and after meals/picnics in the park.


Tipping in East Africa is not obligatory, but it is a good gesture. Safari packages do not include tips to drivers and guides. Therefore, a tip is usually a way of saying thank you. It goes without saying that you may tip according to the level of satisfaction. A $10 to $20 tip is much appreciated in Africa.


Pack light, because it is generally warm throughout the year. When you are on safari you generally want to be comfortable and you want to enjoy the game drives as much as possible. National Parks in Tanzania for example can get dusty, therefore khaki and army green clothing is recommended. Wear a hat all times for maximum protection from the hot sun.


Make sure you have repellent with you all the time. In the daytime you will find Tse Tse flies. In the night you will most likely be exposed to mosquitoes. Don’t be too worried, this should not stop you from enjoying your time. But it is good to be cautious.

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