Lodhi Garden Restaurant: European food in the Mughal heart-land

    Delhi, the capital city of India, is a wonder of Mughal architecture. Ever since the afghan invader Muhammad Ghori, defeated the Chauhans and established his supremacy, Delhi has been home to various dynasties. It has been favoured by invaders for various reasons. Thus, Delhi being home to so many different cultures showcases architectures representing the works of many nations. One such marvel is the Lodi Gardens, which contains the tomb of Muhammad Shah and Sikander Lodi. A hot spot among tourists, it has also become famous as a foodies’ paradise. Lodhi Garden Restaurant, known simply as Lodi-the garden restaurant, is offering excellent food and a relaxing ambience.

    Lodhi Garden Restaurantvarunshiv / / CC BY

    The restaurant is situated in the middle of the capital city. However it is located strategically so as to offer a serene ambience to the visitors. Delhi could be a difficult city at times. This place is perfect to refresh yourself both physically and mentally. It is located adjacent to the Lodi Garden. The quality of the food is comparable to the historical marvel. It has a freshness to it that refuses to leave you even after you have strolled away from the restaurant. The food is Mediterranean with least possible influence from Asian cuisine. Most restaurants which boast of serving quality European food seldom produce the authentic taste. This is not the case here. The menu experiences changes twice a year, emphasising on seasonal food, akin to European and particularly Mediterranean traditions. The oil is selected carefully for each preparation. Much depends on the oil when preparing Mediterranean cuisine. Beverages are also central to the restaurant’s success. It stores some of the best wines in the city. The drinks menu has a clever mix to it. It stores wine that caters to both the experienced wine connoisseur as well as the amateur. Single malts are by far the favourite among visitors. The cocktails menu also changes 3-4 times a year. This process keeps intact the variety and novelty of the place. Fresh fruit juices are also served here. However the menu for it is also seasonal, again emphasising on freshness. The restaurant is much against cold storage. It is kept at minimal level. The Lodhi Garden restaurant in Delhi has thus intelligently satisfied both foreign and national tourists without alienating the local crowd.

    Isa Khan's Tomb
    Lodhi GardenKoshyk / / CC BY

    The initial attempts at making this place a success was hampered by mismanagement and aiming for a non-existent crowd. It tried to cater the foreign tourists without serving authentic cuisine. With a change in few personnel this place has become one of the most successful food joint in Delhi. Doubled with its ambience and its location this place has caught the imagination of many a globalized urban Indian. The idea of enjoying authentic Mediterranean platter with your friends and family is too irresistible for the globally conscious crowd.

    Around India in 50 days!
    Around India in 50 days! Grey cells / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC

    This wonderful Lodhi Garden Restaurant, the Lodi has in a short notice become one of Delhi’s favourite food-joint. It is accessible easily and once you enter it, come what may you are not to leave it dissatisfied.

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