Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

    Apparelled with colorful flora, freshness and fragrance emanating from the innocently soft flowers and the chirping of birds of several races, and the gently trembling multicolor leaves gracefully envelop the Lodi Garden Restaurant as if centuries ago the creator had in mind the idea of creating a celestially soothing place among the clairvoyant cacophony of the city. The natural endowments of botanical surroundings in confluence with man-made artistry like cane and wooden furniture, pebbled pathways and bamboo railings make it an Eden on earth. Blessed are those souls who envisaged such ecstatically exotic amalgamation of natural inheritance and artistic innovations of man.

    Lodi - The Garden Restaurant
    Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

    Magical lighting set with artistic adroitness around the orange shadows of the restaurant, it proudly presents the innovativeness and creativity of Sewara. With 180 cover seating spread on different sections of Artrium, the ground floor, garden area, terrace and the bar, the restaurant accommodates the guests from different walks of life with various choices. The plants in abundance shelter the birds of various races and sizes that escalate the soothing effects and ecological perspectives of Lodi and make it the extension of old-age Lodi Garden.

    Abounding primarily in European cuisine and to a required degree serving the cuisine from Asia, Africa and America it combines the tastes and tongues from all over the world. Along with a certain amount of cold storage, Lodi primarily uses the herbs grown in-house and this is one among such few uniquely designed garden restaurants in the world. Offering variations in menus is one of its salient hallmarks that attract the guests to give a break to their monotonous tongues.

    The highly loved and cherished dishes of the restaurant include Salate Horiatiki, the Pate Maison, Andaman Jheenga and Herb Crusted Manali Trouts. Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with the specialty in sea food, the restaurant caters to the needs of different tongues. The irresistible spoon-licking dessert that Lodi specializes is Lodi Chocolate Mousse. Sophisticated wines: White Wines, Rose Wines, classic Merlots, and the various brands of beer, whisky, vodka etc. increase the multi-dimensionality of the restaurant.

    Lodi has been designed and established after much consideration over the several guest necessities and facilitation of all sorts of socio-cultural, professional and entertainment aspects and all show the dynamism and sagacity of the designers. All sorts of activities like musical performance, fashion shows, art related activities like exhibitions, showcases, previews etc. get sufficient respect at Lodi. The literary activities like book launching, prose readings, author showcases are some arch attractions for literature-lovers. Workshops and launching

    Of products and other activities like flea markets, yoga classes and movie screening etc. make Lodi a place for all and a place for everything. From kitty party to cultural, from birthdays /anniversaries to cocktail parties, from private meetings to corporate conferences, all get due respect at Lodi.

    Yet, something that makes Lodi Garden Restaurant stand distinguished among the other entities of identical genre is weekly promotional activities of innovations and experiments in dishes and beverages hitherto unknown to the world. The festive celebrations and suitable cuisines according to the festivals are special attractions that add colors to the popular colorfulness of the garden restaurant and make it more enviable in the world of hospitality.

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