Luxury Chocolatiers in London

    Chocoholics across the land need look no further than the fine establishments of London town to have their every craving, need and desire satiated by some of the country’s finest chocolatiers.

    Luxury Chocolatiers in London
    Luxury Chocolatiers in Londonulterior epicure / / CC BY-NC-ND

    Dotted across the capital, you’ll find purveyors of only the finest chocolate products, with their delectable wares displayed proudly in the windows of their bijou boutiques, ready to be scoffed and sampled at your leisure.

    Take a trip now, across the historic English capital and explore the best luxury chocolatiers London has to offer…

    Rococo – Motcomb Street

    This quirky little treasure trove of a shop is packed with artsy chocolates to try. There’s even a hidden secret garden, where you can unwind with a hot chocolate, and a glass window to the kitchen so you can see the chocolatier hard at work.

    Paul A Young Fine Chocolates – Royal Exchange

    Tasteful, sophisticated and classic chocolatier Paul A Young is hailed as one of the finest in the capital. This chocolatier is unafraid of experimentation, so make sure you dig into those Marmite truffles, but don’t forget to treat yourself to some indulgent brownies and luxurious ice cream as well. The Royal Exchange store is only a stone’s throw from top London Bridge Hotels too.

    Prestat – Princes Arcade

    Small but perfectly formed; the shop in Princes Arcade houses the creations of the oldest chocolatier in England. Prestat packages everything so beautifully in brightly coloured boxes, these chocolates make an ideal gift.

    Montezuma’s – Brushfield Street

    Zany and full of beans (cocoa beans that is), pop into this shop for everything from Easter Eggs to chocolate bars that’ll tickle your taste buds, with flavours like dark chocolate and chilli to lime and sea salt.

    Melt – Ledbury Road

    Minimalist and chic are two words to describe the creations from Melt. Treat your loved one (or even better, yourself) to a stylishly wrapped box of intriguing chocolates.

    Melange – Bellenden Road

    Step into this rustic shop and deeply inhale its aromatic wares – chocolate infused with basil, lemon, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, bergamot, the list goes on…

    Maison Du Chocolat – Piccadilly

    Adding a little Oh La La into the mix, this shop covers all the French essentials and more. Take your pick from colourful macarons, mendicants and chocolate covered almonds.

    Cocomaya – Porchester Place

    Head to this chocolatier for a flavour explosion. Try the trendsetting flavours like Bramley Apple and Green Tea Ganache.

    William Curley – Surrey

    Slightly outside the city, but certainly worth a visit, this patisserie-chocolatier and café offers events and classes, as well as artisan chocolates. If you’re feeling daring try the truffles sharpened with Japanese vinegar.

    What’s your favourite chocolatier in London?

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