Three Luxury Vacation Hotspots You Have Probably Never Heard About

    “Listen. Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?”  These are the opening lyrics of John Lennon’s composition, “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” a hit song from The Beatles LP “Please Please Me.”  Well I have a secret.  Do you want to know it?  Do you promise not to tell?  Well I can’t whisper in your ear, given that this publication has been posted via the internet.  I can, however, say the words you long to hear.  Next time you go on vacation, you don’t have to stay at the Best Western or the Holiday Inn.  Oh sure, those chains are perfectly reliable, and they have wonderful locations peppered throughout the country.

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    However, this country of ours has several secretive spots that a lot of persistent travelers don’t even know about.  Here are three of the best luxury spots in America that have remained a secret, until now anyway.

    Crescent Moon Inn

    Many vacationers from big metropolis areas like to take advantage of their vacation time by escaping to a destination void of hustle bustle and the noise that comes with home.  For those people, the Crescent Moon Inn located just outside of St. George, Utah is the perfect getaway.  This complex, which consists of eight adobe style units, is as beautiful as it is relaxing.  Each room comes with superlative artwork designed by local artists.  Outdoorsy types will be thrilled that the inn overlooks the astonishingly gorgeous red rocks of Kayenta.  Guests staying here take the opportunity to participate in a lot of horseback riding and mountain biking.  And if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, don’t worry: Las Vegas is only about two hours away.

    Sunglow Ranch

    This stellar getaway, located just outside of Wilcox, Arizona, will prove a delightful spot for outdoor adventurists as well.  This 475 acre property is something of a ranch resort, if you will, that allows guests to engage in a lot of activities one could find a traditional western guest ranch, but it comes with the lush design and superb amenities of a first class hotel.  Guests can horseback ride, bird watch and play bocce ball by day, and dine on exquisite foods and stargaze at the luminous Arizona skies by night.  This resort even has its own resident astronomer that loves to educate guests.

    Sakinaw Lake Lodge

    Canada is not short of its luxurious, secretive vacation spots.  On the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, the Sakinaw Lake Lodge has been a fantastic getaway for guests since its inception.  This resort is only accessible by boat, but travelers will get to sneak a peek at one of the most gorgeous lakes on the west coast, the Sabinaw.  There are only three rooms at this lodge, but each one is built on the side of the lake, and offers guests a refreshing perspective on both the lake and the nearby Mt. Hallowell.  There are few more discreet, more relaxing havens than this one.

    Yes, there are standard vacation spots like Miami and Hawaii, and they come supplied with a surplus of fun activities as well.  But there are other lovely and amazing places to escape to during vacation time.  These are places to, as Lennon said in another classic Beatles tune, “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.”

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