Must Have Travel Accessories for 2017

    Travelling can be uncomfortable at times because you must make sure that you have everything that you need, without being overly weighed down. There are a lot of travel accessories that claim to make your travels easier. Here are some must-have travel accessories for 2017.

    1. Universal Adapter

    There are different power plugs across the globe, so you should not assume that you will not need a power adapter. Instead of carrying around a few different power adapters, a universal adapter will do the same without taking up a huge amount of room in your luggage. This also is recommended, especially if you are travelling to more than one destination during your trip.

    1. Real-Time Translation App

    Travelling to a country that speaks a different language can be unnerving and very confusing. Luckily, most smartphones on the market can have a real-time translation app installed on them, including the very cheap smartphones. Most real-time translation apps will use your device’s camera to scan the text and will translate it for you. Most translation apps free, so you should have one installed when you are travelling.

    1. Clear Refillable Bottles

    Most people who travel buy mini-versions of their favourite products. However, they get super expensive, and there is a limited amount of products that come in travel-friendly sizes. Refillable bottles can be found in the travel section and are great since you can fill them with your favourite products. There are sets with all the same size bottles and sets that have different sizes. The best option will depend on what personal products you need to pack.

    1. Solar Charger

    Power banks are something that you should carry daily, but most people do not remember them or forget to charge them. This is where solar chargers come in. Solar chargers have solar panels that both charge your devices and the battery inside of them. There are various sizes of solar chargers, with some designed to be able to charge a laptop. Solar chargers are great no matter where you are travelling because you do not need any power plugs; you just need the charger cord for your device.

    1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

    There are still a lot of places in the world where free Wi-Fi is rare.  However, using a Wi-Fi hotspot can help you. You will need to buy data to use them, but it will save you a lot of money on roaming charges.

    1. Packing Cubes

    If you have problems packing everything that you need into your suitcase, you may want to give Packing Cubes a try. Packing cubes make it easy to divide your clothing and items up. This system saves space because all the items are packed into smaller bags. There are also laundry pouches, so you have a clear idea of what is dirty and what is clean

    Many times, cheaper travel accessories can save you money but are more likely to be damaged or stop working. So, spending a little more could save you in the long run. There are many stores that sell these items, both in-store and online, so you can easily find them and pack them in your bag.


    1. Flight Comparison

    The Last big money saver is cheap flights and these days the stress of spending hours going back and forth looking for the best deals are long gone. There’s no need to spend your weekends travelling up and down the high street manually comparing the best flight for your trip, this can end up saving you hundreds.

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