My Delicious Diet in Amsterdam

    Last year I was on a trip to Amsterdam, an amazing place I’ll never forget! This city was full of scenic locations and natural beauty. But the thing that impressed me the most was their food. I know many of you have started frowning, but the secret is I am a total foodie and I just love to taste all the delicacies wherever I go. Dutch cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best in the world and their food is hearty and wholesome. The foods appealed to me a lot as they included lots of colorful vegetables. Potatoes, dairy products and bread play a big role in all their dishes. The fish called herring was also consumed at large scale in pickled, salted and smoked form. Here is a little more information on the herring if it peaked your interest.


    The amazing Dutch platter

    The usual food pattern the Dutch follows is a substantial breakfast that includes vast bread and rolls selection and you can opt for cheese, pastries and cold meat to top them. Some also like to have them along with soups and traditional krokets, which are made with meat and deep fried after rolling them in bread crumbs. I loved this deep fried dish in spite of the oiliness it had and it was just yummy. Hopefully this recipe will taste about the same, because I’d love eat some more! Most of the dishes are prepared with very less spice.

    Satiate your love for meat with Dutch food

    Are you fond of meat? Yes! Then you will have a good time trying out a few dishes, such as Stampott, which was similar to a casserole that included a mixture of potatoes, vegetables and meat. I loved their smoked sausage called rook worst, boerenkool which included curried kale and sausage and also the hot spot that included bacon, onions, carrots and potatoes.


    Immerse in Yummy Chocolate spreads

    Personally I think that the Dutch prefers to have gravies poured on top of almost all their dishes to make it a soggy affair. I loved their thick and sweet pudding that was made with fresh milk known as the Vla. Though there were many exotic flavors, butterscotch was my favorite. As a person with a sweet tooth, I liked to have it with a generous sprinkling of chocolates. Another chocolaty affair that I loved the most was the hagelslag. I had this mouthwatering chocolate spread with toasts and breads and just believe me it made my mornings more beautiful every day while I was in Amsterdam. Frankly speaking, I preferred the white chocolate varieties to the dark ones.

    "Queen's Favorite"

    Devour delicacies from the Dutch Street shops

    While taking a walk along the streets of Amsterdam I loved the luring aroma of piping hot Frikandel. It was an excellent Dutch snack sold by the street shops. This was typically a deep fried long sausage. Another obsession of the Dutch was the bag filled with hot French fries that was served with a generous dollop of mayonnaise, messy did I say? Another variation that I tried there was the fries topped with raw onions, ketchup and mayonnaise. However, I was not able to eat even a single raw herring that people ate on the local shops. Overall, I loved the food of the Dutch despite the generous amount of milk and other dairy products they included. Having a plateful of their delicacies will never let you stay hungry as they are so filling!

    About the Author: Grace is a travel enthusiast who loves to go as many places as she can and enjoys sharing her experiences. She found a great deal on for her stay in Amsterdam. When Grace is not out exploring, she enjoys spending time with a good book and a hot cup of Coffee.

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