New York: A Foodie’s Paradise

    When you think of New York, you probably think about the iconic buildings, about the Statue of Liberty, sports stadia, the arts scene and Broadway. You probably don’t think ‘fine cuisine.’ In fact, with everything you see on TV and read in travel guides you’d be forgiven for thinking New York is all fast food chains, burgers and hot dogs.

    You’d be wrong, though.

    Dig beneath the surface of this East Coast tourist haven and you’ll find restaurants that, dare I say it, could rival some of the finest eating establishments of Paris and some of the greatest street food stands you’ll ever eat from.

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    This is a treat for you, foodies. A guide to some of the finest food (for all budgets) that New York has to offer.

    Michelin Star Cuisine at Le Barnardin

    Let’s start with ‘Le Barnardin,’ a French restaurant. Chef and owner, Eric Ripart has enjoyed a flawless reputation for superb cuisine for more than 2 decades. Couple its amazing 3 Michelin Stars with its optimal location in the theatre district and close to Times Square, it’s easy to see why it attracts so many. Yes, you’ll need a fair old budget but for an impeccable French meal that can rival the best that the Parisian food scene as to offer, this is your place.

    Michelin Stars Galore

    Le Barnardin isn’t alone in its Michelin Star status. In fact, there are 45 or so restaurants in New York that have the coveted stars. Le Barnardin isn’t even the only one that has 3 stars! There are five restaurants with 3 stars in New York, four with 2 stars and dozens with one star.

    So, fine food lovers, a New York holiday could be the ultimate indulgence for your taste buds.

    Street Food Paradise

    If the high prices, pretentious portions and clean-cut cleanliness of the New York Michelin Star scene isn’t your thing, maybe this will tickle your taste buds.

    New York has some incredible street food stands. This is often great quality, low priced, down to Earth home cooking made mobile. You could call this the ‘real food’ scene.

    There are plenty of choices available and these street food stands are certainly not fly-by-night establishments. Take a look at some of these:

    • El Olomega Salvadoran food has been running for years, first setting up in 1988. You’ll find this stand in Brooklyn, serving Salvadoran Papusas so good they’ve made it onto some of web’s biggest food blogs. El Olomega even has its own website!
    • Biryani Cart serves food from the corner of 46th Street and 6th Avenue. This stand won a New York vendy award in 2009 for the quality of its street served food. A firm customer favourite is the selection of Kati Rolls, sold at around $6 for 2. A bargain lunch and a really tasty option.
    • Jamaican Dutchy serves, as you’d expect, Jamaican food! This stand moves around New York from time to time to keep an eye on the Twitter profile to find out where they might be. But for jerk chicken to die for, it’s worth trying to catch them!

    All Budgets and Tastes

    New York is notoriously diverse, so it’s little wonder that the food scene incorporates something from all corners of the globe and that it can accommodate all budgets.

    If you’re going on holiday to New York, don’t just limit yourself to the restaurants and chains. Yes, indulge and treat yourself to some Michelin starred cuisine, but wander the streets and taste real food too. Don’t leave New York without having tried at least something you’ve never eaten before!

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