Parties, Shopping and Culture in Hamburg

    Hamburg travel
    Hamburg travel

    Das Tor zur Welt or The ‘Gateway to the World’ is another name for the German City of Hamburg. Which has become a major hotspot for parties, shopping and culture in the North of Germany

    With the North sea to its west, and the Baltic coast to its east Hamburg boasts the second busiest port in Europe and the city is home around four million residents. With its historic culture combined with the modern shopping districts and its reputation as one of Germany’s partying hotspots, Hamburg has evolved into one of the biggest cities in Europe.


    Hamburg takes great pride in its mercantile background which has ensured the cities wealth and success for hundreds of years and this is reflected in the culture of the city. Even today the port remains as the heart of city and the mercantile background can be seen in the cities architecture and culture, with the town hall being the only palace within the city, emphasising the city’s tradition of being known as an open yet modest and discreet city.


    Over recent years Hamburg has become known as the finest shopping metropolis of Northern Germany. With its many varied shopping streets and malls it offers  something for everybody. Its many designer shops and chic boutiques offer a classy and unique option to shoppers while its many traditional high street stores, market places and more unusual shops ensure that nobody is left empty handed


    In Recent Years Hamburg has evolved into one of Germany’s major partying cities, with its lively and vibrant streets offering a wide variety of parties and night life. For anyone looking to explore Hamburg’s nightlife the first port of call is usually St. Pauli’s,  Reeperbahn. The area offers some of the hottest party locations around and renowned clubs such as Angie’s Nightclub and The China Lounge being part of the reason that Hamburg has become one of the most popular stag weekend destinations over the last few years, while Hamburg’s 31 theatres, 6 music halls and 4,000 restaurants ensure that tamer party goers still remain happy.

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