Safe Travel Tips for People Who Wear Corrective Lenses

    If you rely on eye glasses or contact lenses to see correctly on a trip, then there may be no worse fate on a trip away from home than to lose your corrective eyewear. On top of needing to navigate airports and other transportation hubs, you need to read maps and might also need to drive a car to your hotel. If your glasses and lenses become lost or damaged, your travel plans can be derailed in a big way.

    Travel With Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses
    Travel With Eye Glasses or Contact LensesThe Jordan Collective / / CC BY-NC-ND

    Here are some ways to protect yourself from being left high and dry while you are away from home when it comes to your corrective glasses or lenses.

    Bring a Back Up

    Keeping a back up pair of classes or lenses in your carryon back might be a lifesaver. If you wear contact lenses, bring your eye glasses and another set of lenses. If you only wear glasses, bring a back up set or ask your physician for a few sets of disposable contact lenses that you can use in an emergency. As long as you have a contingency plan you will be able to get by at least until you get home and can visit your doctor. Always carry your back up with you, so it won’t be lost if your baggage gets misplaced.

    Remember Cleaning Supplies

    Bring sample contact lenses and cleaning solution with you on your trip. These samples will be eligible to be carried on to the plane, and they will allow you to keep you glasses and lenses clear and clean. You may want to request multiple samples from your doctor so you can have a back up bottle, and if one spills or is forgotten in a hotel room you won’t be in trouble.

    Have a Prescription On Hand

    Keep your doctor’s contact info on hand and a written prescription with you whenever possible. This may allow you to get some new glasses or lenses in a crunch when you lose or break your glasses in another city. You may even be able to use this information to get replacement eyewear in another country if you find yourself without a usable pair. Make sure that the prescription is up to date and that you will have access to a local eye doctor in your destination. You may be able to get new lenses shipped to you from a site like Lenstore website in certain cases.

    Losing your eyewear is a nightmare when you are away from home. Even getting a scratch on your lens may prevent you from being able to wear your eye glasses or contact lens. Instead of stumbling through your vacation or work trip without proper vision, be prepared with a back up set of lenses. You can also benefit from keeping your doctor’s info on hand, bearing in mind that he may need to fax you a copy of your prescription before you will be able to get a new set of lenses. In order to be the most prepared, you should have a written prescription tucked away in your suitcase.

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