Safety Guide for Tourists Who Love to Rent a Bike

    Renting a bike can be a gamble. If you are lucky enough to meet a service which has fair rental policies and have bikes in decent condition, then you are saved from the hassle. Otherwise, you may get a tough time. However, a rental at times is much necessary to make transportation easy, affordable, smooth, flexible, and hassle-free. It especially needed, when you are at a new place and going to stay for a short period like a week, or a few days. Tourists take great advantage of bike rental services.

    Many people who know bike riding would not spend money on other transportation services, cab rentals, buses, trains, metro rails, etc. They would rather go to a new place, find an affordable and reputed bike rental service, and take a bike from them on a short or required contract to get mobile in the new place.

    Solving transportation problems in a new place with bike rentals

    There are various types of problems tourists might have to face while they are discovering a new town or city. The transportation-related problems can all be solved when you have a bike with you. And a bike rental service makes it easy to rent a bike anywhere you go. You need to carry along with you your driving license and your photo ID proof. That is all you are asked for while renting a bike. Some services would ask for a safety deposit which is refundable when you return the bike. Some services won’t ask for a deposit but may have other conditions in its place.

    Many tourists love it this way

    Many tourists are so very comfortable with this mode of touring that they would inquire first about a bike rental service as soon as they hit a new destination. And such tourists don’t love to settle with any other form of transportation too. They have tasted freedom and flexibility with bike rentals and would vow by the extreme easy of transportation they get to taste each time as they rent a bike. Hence, they would be happy only when they get one such service.

    Do you know the risks?

    Now that you are in a new place ready to try one of the most reliable bike rental Brooklyn services, you have to answer yourself some questions first:

    • Do you know the local traffic rules? If you are here for the first time, then after renting the bike, you will have to know the local rules on the streets too. Without knowing them, you are very much vulnerable to face accidents. Most importantly you must be skilled enough with the bike type you have chosen and rented.

    • If you are from the same nation and have the driving license that would be accepted everywhere, then it’s okay. In case you are a foreign national and have a driving license which is not accepted in the new place, you might be in a serious problem. Hence if you tour often, you must get an international driving license too. This will help you take bike rentals anywhere you go and feel comfortable.

    • Checking the bike for its working condition and comfort level is highly important. You would be at times riding it for hours. Therefore you must be comfortable with the design and seats. The bike must be in good condition to make out in long rides without eating too much fuel and giving you surprises.

    • You must be serious and careful about reading the rental contract. There are clauses in the contract which may later surprise you and increase your expenses. Hence knowing them beforehand always helps.

    Why do you need to check the bike while renting?

    There are three main reasons behind checking the bike thoroughly while renting. Any bike renting done in a hurry can cause you more trouble than ease transportation.

    • Your safety is in your own hands. You might become the victim of a road accident with a faulty bike. To avoid any such changes, you must check it while renting.

    • Your time is important too. You would not want to waste time with the repairs in between a tour when you miss important timelines.

    • Finally, your money is very important too. In case you don’t check the bike while taking charge, and later while returning you are told by the owner that you are responsible for some fault or problem with the bike, then you would be in trouble. You may be charged penalty for some such issue which you never knew existed.

    Hence you must check the bike well, and save your time, money, and guard your safety.

    The fuel agreement

    Every bike rental service has its own set of terms and conditions. If you have rented a bike somewhere in another country or city, then do not expect the same terms to be applicable everywhere. Terms would change from service to service. Therefore it’s crucial that you read the contract and then proceed. One of the very important things ina bike rental contract is the fueling part. Many services would just rent you the bike and not any fuel. There you will have to fuel it every time. Many services would give you an all-inclusive package of the bike with fuel, where you pay the rental and are sorted. Both have their own set of pros and cons, and you may choose from any. But what matters mainly is that you know what to do when you have run out of fuel and have to recharge.


    Renting a bike is fun, and gives you immense flexibility to travel the way you like, and make your schedule and follow them irrespective of what other tourist agency buses, etc. follows. But you must be well equipped with bike riding gear, safety gear, road map, and of course the knowledge of to-dos and don’ts of bike the rental service. Then only you can enjoy your tour on a bike anywhere in the world.

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