Skiing in Niseko

    For folks who are thinking about traveling and skiing in Niseko, Japan and have never visited this location during their winter season, you cannot travel beyond Niseko (in Hokkaido), Japan’s northerly island.

    Niseko is about a two and one half hour-drive away from the New Chitose Airlines, which is in Sapporo, the fifth biggest city in Japan. In order to reach the Sapporo Airport, most visitors fly from Haneda Airlines, which is located in Tokyo (one of Japan’s 47 subnational authorities). The only downfall concerning reaching Niseko is that every intercontinental flight that arrives in Tokyo essentially comes in through the Narita (in Chiba, Japan) International Airport. That can entail an additional hour of traveling (if passengers take a bus through Tokyo from Haneda), and the transfer from one airline to another could add many hours to vacationer’s travel time, especially if their inland flight does not line up with their intercontinental bus ride or flight. If it is feasible for you to fly by way of Hong Kong, you will have many more choices for direct universal flights into the New Chitose Airport, located in Sapporo, Japan.

    While considering skiing in Niseko, visitors might be interested to learn that a bus ride to Niseko (from Sapporo) is moderately trouble-free. The roads are somewhat horizontal (which means straight) and there are scarce amounts of hills, which means that guests will not need to worry about the bus ride involving big changes in altitude that occurs when there are a lot of hills to climb.

    Varied assortments of accommodations are available in Niseko and one of the first choices vacationers will have to make is where they wish to stay in the village. Visitors have four different choices of locations to choose:

    Niseko Village (previously named Higashiyama)



    Hirafu Village

    If you prefer daytime activities and are not a night person and you wish to have access to a few of the finest ski slopes in Niseko, you might like Annupuri. Frequently, when storms occur, the connections between additional ski locations and Annupuri shut down; that hinders people from reaching the best powder skiing paradises. It additionally has a few of the most popular onsens in the district, which are hot springs in Japan.

    The main village, where skiers will locate the entertainment activities with numerous bars and restaurants, is Hirafu, for folks who love to celebrate and party while they are skiing in Niseko, Japan. Additionally, this village has the largest selection of accommodations for guests. Hirafu is undoubtedly one of the most favored areas international vacationers have visited.

    Situated amid Annupuri and Hirafu is Niseko Village, and the majority of skiing trails in this location are specifically for beginning skiers. Accommodations are restricted to a one huge 4-star-rated hotel. The name of the hotel is The Niseko Village Hilton.

    Last, but not of least importance, and emerging center of attraction for skiing in Niseko, Japan, is the Hanazono Village. This location established numerous years prior and an Australian group purchased it, and when they bought the village, it consisted of nothing more than just a day facility. Now, it is the center of many accommodations and activities, which includes fine restaurants, numerous other entertainment and relaxation options, bars and more.

    No matter where vacationers who love to ski choose to stay while skiing in Niseko, Japan, they will be capable of effortlessly reaching Niseko, a globally famous ski location, offering the finest, most profound ski slopes for skiers! Folks who enjoy hitting the white powdery hills often refer to the slopes as deep, profound powder, which Niseko provides its guest with and more!

    Images by Jun Kaneko

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