The Differences In Hotel Star Ratings

    When searching for a place to stay when travelling, whether it is abroad or staying in the UK, the most popular accommodations are hotels. People usually look by the star rating, as this is what the quality of the furnishings is rated on, food, amenities, reception opening hours and more. I am going to take a look at a hotel example for each star rating in New York to see if you really get more for your money:

    1 star

    Having browsed through a number of one star hotels, they are exactly what you would expect to find, very basic. If you are somebody who travels about with a backpack and sees a hotel as a place to rest your head for the night then a one star would certainly do and be a cheaper option. One which is located in the East Village has very basic furnishings and small rooms; it also does not have an elevator which is something that will definitely knock a star off a hotel as it is inaccessible for those in wheelchairs. There will be a small number of rooms but with growing technology you can still find places with free wi-fi at least!

    2 star

    There is quite a jump from a 1 star to a 2 as they offer a number of extra facilities and also have an elevator within the hotel. Of course the actual décor and size of the rooms doesn’t really improve which is why it has such a low star rating. There are more rooms within the hotel but still not many, one which I took a look at in Midtown only had 54 rooms. Midtown is a great location in New York too, although nearly wherever you are you are minute’s walks away from something to see or do, or a nearby subway to jump on.

    2 Star NY Hotel

    3 star

    The next step up is usually the star rating that people opt for. The middle of the road feels like a safe place to be, not too expensive whilst still having more features and a bit bigger rooms. The number of rooms jumped up to 298 in the next hotel I took a look at in Midtown. Hotels normally have a restaurant downstairs to eat in and they offer a better choice of food and of a higher quality within a 3 star than the previous. Televisions, blackout curtains, parking spaces, room service and more features are found in these hotels which are often missed out in 2 stars.

    4 star

    One step away from luxury you will certain see a price rise from the 3 star hotels, and even more so in a city like New York. The hotel furniture quality has a big jump and the attentiveness of the staff within restaurants and the other facilities is much higher. Again the total number of rooms jumps up, with the Hilton hotel having 1981 rooms! There are many more services offered including shoe shining, valet parking, spa services and more for a luxurious stay.

    5 star

    Finally jumping into the world of luxury you certainly will pay high prices to stay in one of these! I have taken a look at the Trump Soho hotel and the furnishings look amazing. Huge rooms that are probably bigger than in my home are what are on offer with stunning views overlooking the bustling city. You can enjoy a massage, a dip in the luxury pool, 24 hour room service, read a book in the library and so much more. The amount of accessibility for disable guests is fantastic and the staff will be of a very high standard to cater to your every whim no doubt.

    5 Star NY Hotel

    So the more you pay you really do get a lot more after taking a look at a number of hotels. Of course in a bustling city like New York, if you haven’t been before one of the lower star hotels are just perfect. You should be out exploring the streets and then be too tired to care what you sleep in once you arrive ‘home’ for the night! If you are a regular jet setter and have money to burn then why not go for something extraordinary in a 4 or 5 star? No matter your choice enjoy your holiday your way!

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