The Isle of Wight – the perfect romantic getaway

    Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they won’t satisfy that romantic desire which so many women possess: to go on a mini-break with their significant other.

    Scoff all you like, but it’s true. Most people would love to go away for a few days with their loved one, leaving the hustle bustle of real life far behind. Where to go, though? Paris is such a cliché and Venice, hasn’t it been done before? One place that might not immediately spring to mind, is the Isle of Wight, on the south coast.

    This Hampshire island has always been a favourite family holiday destination, but it also possesses an irresistible romantic charm that makes it the perfect place for lovers. You might be surprised initially, but you’ll understand when you get there.

    Here’s why the Isle of Wight makes the ideal romantic getaway…

    The Isle of Wight Cottages
    The Isle of Wight Cottages


    Forget crowded hotels with their invasive guests and house rules regarding when you can and can’t get in. Stay, instead in a private cottage where you can do as you please. The Isle of Wight is sprinkled with lovely, chocolate box cottages that scream romance. Snuggle up and watch a soppy film or enjoy a candle-lit meal just for two in your cottage, safe in the knowledge that you won’t hear any loud music or screaming babies.

    The success of a romantic getaway depends on privacy, but little extra special touches can really make it a mini-break to remember. Why not see if you can find cottages with hot tub facilities and have a moonlit dip? Don’t forget the champagne!

    Visit the home of royalty’s most enamoured couple 

    Throughout history, there have been many great lovers and one of the most recent, yet well-known such pairing is Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Their residence, Osborne House, was acquired in 1845 to give the young newlyweds a break from court life. As the children came along, the original house grew too small and was pulled down, to be replaced by a mansion that Prince Albert designed. It became a much-loved refuge for the monarch and is now under the management of English Heritage, open to the public.

    Go for a romantic stroll along the beach(es)

    The Isle of Wight comprises many 56 miles of coastline, with glorious beaches just perfect for summer evening strolls just as the sun starts to set. The Isle also enjoys a warmer climate than the rest of the UK, thus there will be no need to rush home (no environmental need, at any rate). Sandown and Shanklin are sandy spots with cafés along the promenade. Ventor too is pretty, though a mixture of sand and shingle. To avoid the crowds and go where the locals go, try the beaches on the south-west of the island, like Compton Bay. Why not pack a picnic and have a late supper watching the waves lap the shore?

    The Isle of Wight might not be the first destination that springs to mind when planning a romantic getaway, but it is a special place which inspired many people – including poets and novelists – over the years. Take a trip with your significant other and be prepared to fall in love.

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