The Perfect Gift Ideas for Travellers

    Despite global economic uncertainty and intense geopolitical tensions around the world, the travel sector is one that continues to diversify and experience growth. In fact, it is diversification that is central to this marketplace, as while some destination struggle to attract tourists others thrive and emerge as a beacon for free-spirits and adventurers alike.

    The Perfect Gift Ideas for Travellers
    The Perfect Gift Ideas for Travellers

    This was best embodied during the Great Recession, when a sharp global decline forced many British households to shelve their plans of travelling abroad. This was compensated for in part by the regeneration and rejuvenation of British sea-side destinations, however, which were popularised among a new generation of travellers and benefited from huge demand.

    3 Innovative and fun Gift Ideas for Travellers

    The gift section of the market is another area that continues to thrive, and with Christmas approaching buyers are spoiled for choice when buying presents for travel enthusiasts. With this in mind, here are three unique and fun gift ideas that will appeal to even the most experienced international traveller: –

    For social Traveller: Travel Scratch Maps

    For those who are looking to embark of voyages of self-discovery and trips around the globe, it is important to make friends and interact with like-minded people who can share your experiences. This is easier said than done, as you must overcome language and cultural barriers when making friends with international citizens during the course of your travels.

    Conversation-starting gimmicks are therefore worth their weight in gold, and this is where the innovative travel scratch map comes in handy. This allows the recipient to scratch away and reveal the countries that they have visited on the world’s map, which in turn provides an entry point into conversations and tales of your excursion. Make no mistake; this is a clever gift for social travellers who want to make friends and well as a lifetime of memories.

    For Nostalgic Travellers: The Retro-style Altimeter Desk Clock

    OK, we hear you ask, but what about nostalgic travellers with an undying sense of kitsch? For these individuals, Flightstore has a huge range of fun gadgets and mementos, with our own personal favourite being the retro-style altimeter desk clock.

    Modelled from altimeters salvaged from WWII aircraft, these well-crafted gifts have a keen sense of history while they have also being manufactured with authentic materials and unmistakable quality. Both luxury and quaint in equal measure, this is a functional and stylish gift that is ideal for anyone with a keen sense of nostalgia or a thirst for learning.

    For the working Traveller: Undercover sleeves for Laptops and Smartphones

    As any experienced freelancer or self-employed individual will testify, an overseas trip without the need to work is a rare occurrence. Depending on the nature of your trip or destination, however, you may be loath to carry your laptop or smartphone visibly in front of others.

    Fortunately, you can now purchase discreet and rustic undercover sleeves for your hardware, which create an external visage of damage and disrepair while providing luxurious padding for the devices themselves. This helps to keep your technology in pristine condition when out on the road, while it also deters any potential thieves or opportunists that you may come across during your travels.

    Perhaps the embodiment of style and substance, this gift idea is perfect for those who simply cannot travel without their laptop or smartphone!

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