The Perfect Island Oasis

    A vacation to the islands of Fiji is like an adventure into another world. Located deep in the South Pacific, Fiji consists of 333 islands known the world over for white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans, and luxury resort accommodations. Planning a vacation to Fiji is a great way to ensure yourself a completely rejuvenating experience.

    Still, it’s best to know before you go. Before committing to a place to stay, explore the various Fiji Villa Rentals, paying particular attention to the amenities offered by each. To truly make the most of your stay, don’t settle for anything less than the best.


    Because Fiji consists of so many islands, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to where exactly you want to stay. Get to know the islands a little more closely before making your selection.

    • Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest and most tourist oriented island. The nation’s capital, Suva, located on this island, is the largest South Pacific metropolis outside of New Zealand. For urban culture blended with ocean adventures and plenty of opportunity to eat and shop, Viti Levu is your choice.
    • Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, is a beautiful natural paradise. The main town on the island, Savusavu, offers scuba adventures and snorkeling, and the island’s sheltered bay is a popular destination for yachters. Bold visitors may even want to explore the hiking trails that lead through the Wasali Nature Reserve Rainforest.
    • Taveuni is the third largest of Fiji’s islands, and is known as the Garden Island thanks to the lush and colorful vegetation found throughout. In fact, about 60 percent of Taveuni is covered in rainforest. It’s also known for spectacular diving experiences. There’s plenty to enjoy on this beautiful island, and plenty of ways to unwind!

    You may also decide that none of these islands are quite right—after all, there are hundreds more from which to choose! Simply make sure that you’re looking at the island that’s right for you before you delve into the process of choosing a resort.

    An In-House Chef

    Part of your vacation experience will undoubtedly be enjoying the fine cuisine native to Fiji. Fijian cooking is centered around six basic elements: sweet potatoes, taro, rice, cassava, coconut, and fish. A great resort will keep a quality chef on staff to provide fine dining experiences to the guests. Do your research into what the dining situation is like. Look for an experienced chef who uses local ingredients to create popular Fijian dishes like lovo, a sort of Fijian barbecue, or kokoda, Fiji’s answer to ceviche.

    The best chefs around may be able to provide you with dining experiences you can’t get at other resorts. If yours is an adventurous palate, make sure you investigate who’s running the kitchen before booking your stay.

    Spa Treatments

    What’s a luxury getaway without a relaxing massage? Check out the spa options at the resort you’re considering. Is your favorite treatment offered, or would you have to leave the resort to find it? You don’t want a day of relaxation disrupted by the effort of trying to find a spa in an unfamiliar country—much better to have one in your resort.

    You may also want to consider the locations in which spa treatments are offered within the resort itself. Is the spa a separate area, to which you must venture? Can a masseuse visit your room for a treatment? Are outdoor massages available? If any of these options appeal to you, make sure you look for them on your resort’s spa menu before you go.

    Activities and Excursions

    There’s so much to see and do in Fiji, and it’s great to have a helping hand from your resort when it comes to organizing your activities. Whether your interests lie in diving and snorkeling to look at the wealth of marine life, mastering the techniques required for stand up paddleboarding, day trips or overnight excursions via kayak, or something else altogether, the best resorts will be able to set it up for you. Check the resort website or reach out and ask whether you’ll be able to get assistance. Keep in mind that when your resort arranges your excursions, they’ll be putting you in the hands of vendors they’ve had experience with and can offer their seal of approval to—much more confidence inspiring than finding someone yourself online.

    A trip to Fiji is guaranteed to relieve stress and provide excitement, but with good and careful planning, you can ensure that your trip is truly one to be remembered.

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