The Rush That Sea Brings

    I have always found sea to be a source or relief and rush both. Feeling depressed? Go to the sea. Want to do something that gives you chills? Go to the sea!

    I have been going to the ocean since I was a little boy. My father was the person who gave me the tips on how to catch a trout fish. We went on so many trips to the ocean but of course, back than the activities you can enjoy at the beach or in the sea were limited. But now, we can see a variety of things to do out there.

    To all the adventurer and daredevils out there, here I have few things listed for you to add up in your must do list. It may scare you first, but it’s an addiction with no way of coming back.


    Fishing on the shore is fun, I know, but if you have not experienced offshore fishing than you are missing so much. May it is a vessel or a kayak, this experience is something everyone should have. Plus, you get more fishes on your net once you are in the middle of their habitat.


    As a kayaking enthusiast, I must tell you that this hobby can change you on so much on so many levels both mentally and physically. Every time I am stressed or need to lose weight, I start kayaking for weeks. Being near the sea soothes you mentally and paddling in the wild burns your calories better than that treadmill of yours, at the gym. If you Kayak in the calm sea it offers you to explore those hidden beautiful corners of the sea and if you are a adventure lover and likes to kayak on a fast flowing stream of water it challenges your stamina on every wave and turn of the stream.

    These are best sea kayaking spots in the world:


    If anyone of you dreamt of flying above the sea after watching Harry Potter, parasailing is to the rescue with of course few details change. I, myself was afraid of height but parasailing was a good experience for me too. So, anyone who is scared of height like I was, give it a try, this sport grows on you.


    Paddleboarding is a fun water sport especially if you want to improve your balancing and focusing skills. For anyone who is just the beginner in this sport, do try the larger boards in the beginning and only when you think you are ready to spice things up, switch to the smaller one.


    The first time I went for the dive was at The Blue Hole, and I was shocked to my very core. How amazing is it to see a whole different world inside the ocean?  I can never forget every inch I explored at that time. The fishes, the plants, the relaxation and the thrill, everything was different, something I have never known. I was in some kind of enchanted; in need for someone to tell me that everything you are watching is for real.

    These are the best  11 places to dive in America:


    Kite boarding is a product of surfing and waterskiing. If you are looking for a place to experience this sport in the best way possible then in my personal experience, Nabq Bay in Egypt is the best place to do for you.

    Also, anyone who is looking for toning their whole body in a fun way, try to opt this hobby.

    Author bio: Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

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