Thira offensive problems off Koh Chang.

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     Trade – "Thira" offensive problems threatening people off Koh Chang. It won a
    cool track on land that was always overlap. As leaders of two minds still
    waiting for decisive resolution of the meeting. For each tour company shocked
    the dreaded busy business impact.

    Journalists report the case of people led by Mr. Koh Chang Sophon Monday was
    S.h. A. Koh Chang, Tart area and met the Governor of Tart to submit a petition
    to Prime Minister Mr. Secondly, have orders revoked. and fix the boundary at
    Navy patent Tap the villagers make a living. The authentication process does not
    ask permission to join. Because waiting for nearly 10 years, no progress with
    the three claim immediately by pressing Edit. With a deadline. If no action will
    be closed on Koh Chang, this is November 13.

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    Appear that Mr. Thira Salakphet Trade MPs and Cultural
    Minister. To coordinate transportation to day a Kun said village chief Koh
    Chang, one of the agency people. Confirmed that this is not emotion. However,
    when the right time to prove that President Gen. Surin Pikulthong Ubrn.

    To act on that time. Age of the Thaksin Shinawatra government
    has read the wrong translation pictures do not work. Have to come back and make
    a new step in the process of when this government into administration. Which can
    take care throughout all phases. To deliver an ultimatum to close the Elephant
    Island on Nov. 13 left at this a few days to continue the theme. Anyone want to
    cool it Wait for the translation reading this series, the first photo.

    Mr. Sopon Monday was S.h. Area A. Koh Chang said that Mr.Theera coordinate the
    day to Mr.. No promise that the island will not close at all. Only two minds on
    Nov. 11 at 9:00 pm will be meeting leaders, including Elder every village
    Together to vote on whether to follow the same measures. Island is closed on 13
    November this or not. If the resolution is to close out the close If every vote
    that should not be closed, they will not close Personally want everything smooth
    without any problems. It will affect the business. Just the news has spread to
    touring companies ask each other a lot.

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