Top Reason’s to Visit Kauai Over The Other Islands

    When looking for an ultimate destination in the United States for your vacation, Hawaii tops the cake for many people. When deciding to go to Hawaii however, it may be a challenge to decide which island to visit. With eight different islands to choose from, narrowing down the best to pick is easier than you may think! Though all of them may come with their own set of reasons to visit, Kauai stands alone in the ultimate destination for your Hawaii vacation!

    Here are a few reasons to choose Kauai for the ultimate Hawaiian experience;

    The Culture

    With robust art scenes and celebrations, to museums and historic sites, one will never run out of activities to immerse you in Kauai heritage. The people there are friendly as well as inviting into their lifestyle and history.

    The Food

    There are not only world class restaurants but everything from roadside authentic food to shrimp stations all around the island. There will never be a reason to be hungry as the choices are incredible, both in authenticity as well as availability!

    The Environment

    • The Garden State

    Known as the “Garden State,” Kauai not only offers private parks and sculpture gardens but has four botanical gardens to please any green thumbed and minded individual. Exotic plants fill the island to give a lasting impression of its beauty.

    • The Beaches

    With white sand beaches nearly everywhere you go, you will be able to bask in the sun on the most beautiful coasts that can be found. Secret and secluded beaches are a forefront to the incredible peace and solitude you will find in Kauai.

    • The Sunsets

    Stunning sunsets are what awaits you in Kauai. It is without a doubt why Kauai is the wedding capital of Hawaii as the sunsets make the perfect backdrop to any picture that is worth taking.

    The Activities rainbows

    • The Hiking

    Between the rocky terrain as well as vast wildlife and plant life, you will always find yourself in a picturesque environment to enjoy. Should you decide to go hiking you will bring back stories to brag about.

    • The Water Sports

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran, there are many different options when deciding on a water sport. If you know what you’re doing, you will find the ability to catch that perfect wave without competition. If you’re a beginner you will find yourself practicing without a person in site to judge you! Either way the outfitters there will set you up with all you need to take part in those activities.

    • The Horseback Riding

    As Kauai is full of natural paths to take, you will find horseback riding a real delight. Travelling along rivers and trails through the lush natural environment, you do not want to miss this one of a kind experience!

    • The Movies

    From Indiana Jones to Jurassic Park and even Pirates of the Caribbean, you can visit a host of different movie locations in Kauai. Tours are available and you might even get to see the filming of a movie soon to be in theaters!

    An Unforgettable Vacation

    No matter where you decide to go in Kauai, you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. It is without a doubt that you will find whatever it is you’re looking for in this island paradise. A unique getaway with endless possibilities, check out our Poipu Beach Resorts, the perfect place to relax and enjoy what life is really about!

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