Travel Budget Could Give You Nightmares Lest You Plan Economically

    For most of you, traveling is an escape option from life’s rigorous assault and complexities. In some cases, you travel for work or personal commitments. But when you chose a holiday for yourself and family together, it’s always for unrestrained fun and freedom. So, what if your hefty budget impels you to reconsider the validity of the trip all over again? Wouldn’t it shatter your Family’s all hopes and expectations? That’s not something you would like to experience.

    Travel Budget Nightmares
    Travel Budget Nightmares“Caveman Chuck” Coker / / CC BY-ND

    It’s written nowhere that your travel has to be lavish and unsparing. You could mend your ways here and there and put a slash on your travel budget. It wouldn’t require revolutionary changes; just brief alterations in the planning process and in ways you carry through the stay at the destination:

     1.   Take time to plan the trip and do it economically, well in advance

    Don’t just go for the trip right away without any planning. Start planning for the trip a year or couple of months in advance. Thereafter, proceed further economically, one step at a time. You shouldn’t rush and take decisions haphazardly for it is only going to land you into the hefty pile of bills.

    2.   Do check the time/season you plan on to travel in

    One of the most efficient and effective ways to save money while planning a budget, is to fly when the destination has a low season. This would considerably let you save money on the air, train or any other mode of transportation. Low seasons augment the reduction in transportation rates. High seasons are cut throat expensive and with overwhelming crowed pouring down.

    3.   Be pro-active while booking the tickets

    Your pro-active approach would help you a great deal. Arranging and buying of tickets and other stuff for the travel, in advance, when the rates are low would bring down your budget considerably. Try and fly during weekdays since the rates tend to be discounted compared to rates on weekends.

    4.   Don’t waste money on futile travel accessories

    Don’t go for travel accessories that you wouldn’t require at all. Ads, friends, and other people traveling provoke you to buy certain travel gadgets. You shouldn’t do that unthinkingly. Make a list and buy only those things which you would be able to afford and would come handy in the trip.

    5.   You don’t have go for what others choose

    Work and research on finding cheap and decently comfortable stay at the destination. If people choose luxury, you could choose half the luxury. Find good, cheap eating and shopping places, for the tourists spots are most often predisposed to overrating. Always look for cheap and sound alternatives; never shy away from negotiation and bargaining.

    6.      Negotiate with everything

    Negotiate rates with hotels, guides, taxis etc and everything else that would allow for a bargain. Gain enough knowledge about the place and how things go around there. Shop in bulk, bargain and ask for discounts whenever possible.

    7.      Travel insurance as a reassurance

    What’s the point in saving if you could lose it all, should any unforeseen event occur? Incidents like lost luggage, lost personal possessions like laptops, cameras, etc. are very likely to happen. Cancelation of flights, lost passport, falling ill, flood, fire, earthquakes, etc. would really snatch the fun off holiday.

    Here comes the travel insurance to the rescue. It would provide for the compensation of your losses. So, if you don’t have it already, you could go for its ‘fast turnover’, efficient versions. This one requires no medical test and you would get your insurance done in real short time. The life insurance no medical test offers a real fast and sound insurance option to people who are always on the go!

    All it asks for is a little research and creativity with the ways you carry out things and you would be able to have an unforgettable time of your life in your dream destination.

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